Why Should You Keep Braces On?

November 21, 2013

Three Reasons Your Orthodontic Braces Are Still On

The anticipation of waiting for your orthodontic braces to come off can be very difficult to live with. Perhaps one of the most common ongoing questions from orthodontic patients is when their braces will be removed. There are a number of reasons why orthodontists will keep braces on a patient and it's very important that a patient keeps an orthodontic appliance on for the prescribed amount of time to ensure that their treatment is effective. Generally an orthodontist will give you a timeframe when you get an orthodontic appliance that will let you know roughly when you're braces need to come off. If the initial date has come and gone and you still have your braces on there are still some reasons that you might have to keep your braces or an orthodontic appliance on after your projected date. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="400"]growlin' brace face Drew Herron via Compfight[/caption]

1. The first reason why you may need to keep your braces on is:

It could have to do with a misdiagnosis of your condition at the early stages of your treatment. There can be some problems with certain treatment plans and certain patients may react more favorably to different types of treatments. If initial diagnosis was incorrect and you didn't respond the way to your orthodontist thought you would to treatment, you may have to continue treatment a little bit longer than the normal amount of time.

2. The second reason why you may need to keep your braces on is:

You may have also experienced problems during your treatment such as a bent wire or a breakage in your orthodontic appliance. Any amount of time that you spend with your orthodontic appliance on could be time that you need to make up later on in your treatment process. This is important to note especially if you ever experience any difficulty with your orthodontic appliance. You will need to get repairs done almost immediately to ensure that your progress isn't set back too far and that you don't end up having to wear an orthodontic appliance much longer than you anticipated.

3. A third reason why you're braces may still be on is:

It could be due to a scheduling issue with your appointments. Many orthodontic appliances require adjustments and this means going to regular appointments. If you had a holiday or had to reschedule your appointments at any time this can set back your progress and mean that you may have to wear your orthodontic appliance for a few days or weeks extra. These are just some of the reasons why you may have to continue wearing braces over the average amount of time. If you have any more questions about when braces can be removed or why you may still have your braces on, please call King Orthodontics in Centerville or Fairborn. Not only you can schedule a free consultation but also have many of your questions about orthodontics answered.

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Why You Should Keep Braces On?

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