Improve your Smile [5 Amazing Ways]

November 15, 2017

A single smile can make a difference in the world. It’s one of the easiest ways we use to transmit our feelings. According to research, it releases endorphins, helps our muscles to relax and reduces tension in our bodies. But sometimes we don’t like how our smile looks due to poor dental health, and thus we try to hide or cover it. Often, this isn’t something that braces or a visit to the orthodontist can’t fix. big smile However, a beautiful smile is not just about having great teeth. It is also about your facial muscles. Just like the rest of your body, facial muscles need exercise, too. Working out and exercising them can improve your skin's elasticity and reduce double chins and aging grooves. We will look at the top five exercises you can do to get that perfect smile, but let’s first examine the importance of having a great smile.

Why you should have a good smile

  • A good smile makes you look attractive – According to a study conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, a majority of people believe that a smile makes a person more attractive to the opposite sex.
  • Whiter teeth will make you look smarter – According to the same study, having an improved smile will make you appear more interesting, successful and intelligent.
  • A beautiful smile can help boost your confidence – Research has shown that teens with stained or crooked teeth feel embarrassed and shy about how they look.
Experiences during teenage years can have a life-altering impact on a person’s life.
  • Having a great smile will make you want to smile more – If you have good teeth, you will want to smile more often. Research has shown that smiling more leads to longer, happier lives.
  • A smile makes the first impression – A smile is usually the first thing people notice after meeting you. If you have a bright, confident smile, you will appear more happy and trustworthy.
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Five exercises that will help you improve your smile

  1. Incremental Exercise

It helps by working out the muscles that control how we smile giving us more control over our happy expressions. You should do it while standing or sitting in front of the mirror. Pick whichever feels more comfortable and relax your face and lips.
  • Laterally stretch the corners of your mouth while closing your lips. Hold this position for 10 seconds.
  • Extend the lateral stretch a little bit further partly parting your lips to reveal the edge of your teeth. Hold for 10 seconds.
  • Stretch your mouth even more and expose about half your teeth this time. Hold for 10 seconds.
  • Smile as wide as possible while showing all your teeth. Hold for 10 seconds.
  • Gradually reverse your smile by repeating steps 3, 2 and 1 in that order.
  1. Fish Face

The fish face exercise is also referred to as the smile line eraser. It will help in reducing the appearance of fine lines around the mouth helping you maintain that youthful appearance and brilliant smile.
  • Suck in the cheeks and rolling out your lips.
  • Try to smile while still in the same position
  • Stay in the same position until you start feeling a mild burning sensation around the muscles in your mouth.
  • Relax and repeat the whole procedure.
  1. Chin Look

Doing this exercise will help shape and tone your facial muscles and jawline. The chin look is a perfect exercise for anyone who wants to get rid of their double chin.
  • Sit in a yoga lotus position
  • Rest your hands on your knees and inhale deeply
  • Bend forward while lifting your shoulders up
  • Press the chin firmly against your chest and between the collarbones to close your food pipe.
  • Hold your breath for the longest time possible
  • Relax and repeat the procedure a couple of times
  1. The Neck Roll

This exercise is also perfect for anyone looking to get rid of their double chin. It helps in toning your jawline, chin and neck muscles. Doing the neck roll exercise will tighten the skin of your neck, get rid of wrinkles and prevent further sagging of your skin.
  • Look for a comfortable spot and sit down with your head facing forward
  • Tilt your head to the left
  • Roll your neck backward with your eyes facing the ceiling
  • Then roll your neck to the right
  • Roll your neck to the front such that your chin faces down
  • Return to the same position you were when you started
  • Ensure you keep your spine straight and shoulders down while performing the exercise.
  • Repeat the procedure as many times as possible for maximum results
  1. Silly Rabbit

The silly rabbit exercise will help tone the muscles in your cheeks and increase the flexibility and control of your smile. This exercise can be performed before a mirror or not. It is up to you to decide. But if you can’t help seeing a silly face without feeling the urge to laugh, then you should probably skip it.
  • Smile as wide as possible like you’re aiming for an ear-to-ear grin
  • Start wiggling your nose until the muscles on your cheek engage with the smile
  • Hold this pose for five seconds
  • Repeat the procedure severally for effectiveness

Not Forgetting Yoga  

What’s the bottom line?

Accordingly, after doing these exercises, you can use a simple test to examine their effectiveness: Use your index finger or middle finger to measure the length of your smile. If your smile is shorter than the finger, it needs to be improved. Do you need orthodontic treatment for you or your family to get that perfect smile? Do you need Invisalign or Invisalign teen braces for your kids? King Orthodontics is an orthodontic practice located in Dayton Ohio. Our team is committed to treating you with care and compassion.  

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Improve your Smile [5 Amazing Ways]

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