If I Remove My Braces (Do I Risk Damage?)

March 28, 2019

Having orthodontic work done can be a painful and awkward time for anyone. Children, teens and adults that have a less than perfect smile may have an assortment of brackets, wires and spacers which are doing their part to maneuver teeth to their optimal location. This lengthy process is generally something that is tolerable and not such a problematic ordeal. But you may feel differently. It may be tempting to take it into your own hands to make changes to your orthodontic work.   smiling girl   Remember, discomfort does not warrant self-removal of orthodontic work. There is always the factor of discomfort when there is a forced movement of sensory organs. Such as teeth, bone and the surrounding tissues. You are advised that the discomfort can last several weeks. Until the movements that are being anticipated during treatment do occur. At about the time you get used to the discomfort it may be time to make adjustments or put in additional hardware to make the next round of movement in the mouth.  

Remove My Braces Issues

So what are the risks of making your own changes, or deductions to your hardware? This is a complex question. Someone with little to no knowledge of how their hardware works may be able to successfully be able to remove it without damage to their mouth. It is fairly reasonable to assume that something will go wrong. The potential for it to be very serious is there. The following are some of the potential problems that you may face if you attempt to make alterations to your orthodontic treatment hardware: Chipping teeth – Metal that is bonded with teeth using very strong adhesives designed to last for years can cause a chip in the tooth from removal. Or by pressure exerted on the tooth by the wrong tools used that are on hand by any non-professional.  

The List Continues

Cavities as a result – Unnecessary damage caused by tools such as scratches, abrasions and chips can really make it easy to introduce bacterial growth on teeth. This can make it hard to clean teeth. Then eventually cause cavities and other issues with the integrity of the teeth. Braces may be taken off harshly enough to decrease the quality of the tooth enamel. Losing teeth – The possibility of losing a permanent tooth is very high when it comes to self-removal of orthodontic hardware. This is due to the way that teeth move during the treatments being given. If a treatment does not have enough time to set a tooth into the new location. With proper adjustment of the bone on the mandible or upper bone then a tooth may be too loose and come out even with strong root structure. Loose teeth that shift – Without the proper insertion of spacers, brackets and wires or other hardware. The teeth are free to move in basically any direction. This is one of the reasons why after treatment a patient will have to use a retainer to keep teeth in the proper location until it is deemed that it is unnecessary. Shifting of the teeth can happen in as little as one week. This is because of the different stresses and pressures that occur in the mouth while the hardware is not holding everything in place.     TWITTER BUTTON  

A Major Problem is Pain

If you think that having pain from your hardware is bad, just wait until the pain of trying to remove your hardware becomes a reality. Mainly, it is a very painful process without the correct tools.  Because orthodontic tools are designed to be the most efficient and least painful for the process. Plain tools will not make the process simpler and in turn cause many risks of exacerbating the pain. Movement in the gums will cause bleeding as a result and this could lead to unnecessary infections. Any open wound can lead to infections. The mouth has many types of bacteria introduced into it whenever something is inserted into the mouth.  

A Perfect Example of a Waste of Time and Money

The 'remove my braces' fashion and taking on self-removal will surely be a plan that will lead to a waste of time and money. Whether your insurance plan covers orthodontic work or if it is all out of pocket there is a major waste of money with possible penalties to have to pay in order to correct the issue. The aspect of time being wasted is due to all of the appointments, loss of presence at school or work, scheduling around the appointments, time actually having the hardware in and time having to fix the issue once it is dealt with. See below to watch how easy removal is by a professional. So what is the alternative? For those who want to be able to have a removable option instead of braces, there is Invisalign. Invisalign is a type of clear aligner. Which fits over the teeth and has a specially fitted thermoplastic used to align the teeth in about one year of tiered teeth fittings. They are not noticeable in normal settings where teeth are bared and can be removed without damage to the teeth by the wearer. So if Invisalign is an option that you are interested in or you have an issue with your existing braces you should remember that your orthodontic work should only be removed by an orthodontist. The risks far outweigh the immediate gratification of self-removal and the process will go by much smoother with less pain. The possibility of causing damage to your teeth can lead to a lifetime of pain. Possibly the inability to repair the damage. This would lead to dentures or implants which are a major pain in themselves.  

Here's the Kicker

If you or a family member has issues with their orthodontic work or for fitting or advice to 'remove my braces,' make sure to have Dr. Sam King take a look. This will ensure that your teeth get the proper work done. And or have the proper alternatives made available to you. They are well qualified practicing orthodontist professionals which will provide the best smile opportunity for you. Contact us today - For the Smile of Your Life.

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If I Remove My Braces (Do I Risk Damage?)

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