How Does Invisalign Work Exactly? [FACTS]

March 13, 2018

Among the most popular dental procedures available for teeth alignment, Invisalign treatment is becoming an alternative to braces; You might be wondering what it is and what the whole process involves, lets dive in, shall we? people relaxing  

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the current cosmetic technology in dentistry that is being improved on year on year. Unlike traditional retainers or braces, in Invisalign-treatment is close to an invisible technique of straightening the teeth. This treatment involves being fitted with see-through, removable aligners that are custom made to fit your teeth. Over a period of two weeks, the aligners will gradually shift your teeth into position. After every two weeks, the aligners are changed to a new set that will move your teeth a little more. In the following weeks and months of treatment, the objective of the Invisalign-treatment is to get your teeth into proper positions.  

Where did Invisalign-treatment Originate?

The only way that experts were used to when it came to straightening the teeth before 1997 was using braces. For kids, they were excited to use colored rubber bands. Adults felt uncomfortable even if metal-braces were placed on the inside of the teeth or they were colored. Align Technology Company in 1997 introduced a customized a set of clear aligners called Invisalign as a technique to correct teeth alignment. This brought about a series of clear plastic shells that were designed to fit the teeth.  

How does Invisalign-treatment Work?

As we mentioned earlier, Invisalign-treatment is virtually invisible aligners that have no metal, and they are made to fit each person’s unique dental composition. The clear aligners are designed to shift your teeth gradually into place over time. Each tray is designed in such a way that the teeth are straighter than the tray before it. When you have Invisalign-treatment installed, your teeth will move 0.25 mm per tray after every two weeks after getting a new set, with the objective of moving your teeth to the correct positions. But is it hard to put the tray on the teeth? Well, it's as simple as popping the tray on your teeth, just like a plug and play option. The beauty of this dental technique is that it is not uncomfortable and the brackets are easy on the eyes. It is even hard to notice them because they are clear, making them the perfect option for teens and adults who would want to be more discrete when straightening their teeth. woman smiling

What you Need to Expect in Treatment

During the treatment process, you need to take an Invisalign-treatment smile assessment test. This is to check if Invisalign-treatment is the appropriate procedure for you. After that, an appointment is made for consultation with a licensed Invisalign-treatment provider who will determine if you need to have Invisalign-treatment for your teeth. During the consultation process, you can ask any questions to your orthodontist regarding the treatment, its costs and how to manage your teeth after the installation process. You need to be aware that not all orthodontics have the experience of working with Invisalign-treatment. You need to know that providers of Invisalign-treatment are specialists who have attended an instructional training. They have attended practical clinical training on how to fit them. Ensure that you to look for an Invisalign-treatment expert who is well trained to give you a chance of having a perfect smile.

And Then...

Once the consultation is done, your orthodontist will perform a digital scan that creates precise 3-D images of your teeth for a customized treatment plan. These images are made to map out the movement of your teeth over the treatment timeline and to create custom aligners. The best quality of this treatment is that it is made of a smooth BPA free plastic that is comfortable and it does not irritate at all. After every two weeks, you will move onto the next set of aligners on a recurring basis. This happens until your teeth get to their intended position, revealing your perfect smile. The secret of the Invisalign-treatment is in its patented thermoplastic design that controls the force that is used to make your teeth move to the correct position. It hard to notice, but there a couple of teeth are moved at each stage, which is determined by the images collected during the planning of your treatment.  

The Timeline of the Invisalign-treatment

The average timeline for an adult is approximately 12 months which varies on the severity of each case. When it comes to the teenagers, the treatment timeline can vary. This treatment plan is designed for each patient because of the unique dental issues for each individual. Each patient has a unique dental treatment plan that is mapped out by an orthodontist. Your Invisalign-treatment expert provider will also ensure that you use attachments to make your smile perfect. There are cases of a tooth-colored composite that can be placed on the teeth to make the aligner grip the teeth more efficiently, which can result in the right movement of the teeth.  

The Kind of Dental Problems Invisalign Fixes

Underbites, crowned teeth, overbites, and gapped teeth are some of the problems that can be corrected using this treatment. These issues are very daunting, and they can cause serious dental issues. If you have gapped teeth, you can cause periodontal disease because of gums that are not protected. Underbites and overbites cause stress to the jaw and lead to joint problems. Teeth that are overcrowded can lead to the accumulation of plaque because frequent flossing is hard, which leads to cavity formation.

After Invisalign-treatment

Once your objective is met, you will have to wear retainers that are used to ensure that your teeth remain in the correct formation.  

Here's the Kicker

Well, that’s what Invisalign-treatment is all about. If you need more information regarding the Invisalign-treatment, call Dr. King at 937-443-0830 for the Centerville office and 937-878-1561 for the Fairborn office. Contact us for an appointment.

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How Does Invisalign Work Exactly? [FACTS]

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