How can I fix my face and make it more symmetrical?

December 30, 2017

Over time the mouth and all of its internal parts may make movements. This can cause features on the face to skew or not be straight in a way. This can be very concerning to young children and teenagers. Especially because it happens at a time when they are most socially exposed to others who may not act positively when there are discrepancies amongst the symmetry of the face. smiling woman Parents should know that many of the types of mouth related issues that cause asymmetrical features on the face can usually be reduced and remedied. Through orthodontic treatments and some time for the changes to gradually occur. Most patients are not going to want to simply opt for cosmetic surgery that just superficially fixes the problem. A proper orthodontic procedure to fix uneven portions of the lower face is not only offering a great looking outcome but offer the proper beneficial function of the mouth. This is something when looked into, offering a smile that is nice and even and gets the jaw bones set into stronger symmetry. Studies have shown that symmetry in the face is one of the most attractive properties of the facial appearance. Most patients will want to get their faces into a better symmetry while taking care of their smile’s appearance.  

The Causes of Oral Related Uneven Facial Features

Many times genetics can give someone a random roll of the dice when it comes to symmetry. Genetic inheritance is not always to blame. As some simple activities that children do during the formation of the bone structure and growth of the teeth can have a major impact on how the face forms its features. These are a few examples of what can cause non-genetically influenced asymmetry:
  • Sucking a thumb

When a baby, toddler or even older child excessively has one or more digits in their mouth to suck or place unnecessary pressure on the teeth, it can cause skewing over time. It can affect the top, bottom or even both sides of the jaws. It is not surprising and is a common issue to see the thumb sucking as a major contributor to having facial feature problems when the children get older.
  • Putting objects in mouth

Many children enjoy using their mouths to explore the world around them. Putting objects in the mouth is just second nature and toys offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes that may just be used enough to alter the growth path of teeth and the jaw also. Children who tend to chew on toys or unusually shaped objects will run these risks.
  • Grinding teeth during sleep

Teeth grinding can become a serious issue which can cause cracks, exposure to the nerves and eventually poor placement of the teeth when they grow in under that type of pressure being exerted on them. This may also worsen an over-bite or under-bite with the way the mouth shifts over time.
  • Removing teeth forcefully

When teeth fall out naturally the mouth undergoes some changes. The teeth dissolve their roots and they come out somewhat easily. Some individuals may take it into their own hands. They try to remove teeth well before they are ready for whatever reason. This can lead to the accidental removal of permanent teeth and movement of the teeth can escalate enough to cause asymmetry of the mouth that appears on the face. Gaps in the teeth often allow for a greater scattering of teeth.  

Want to Know the Best Part

These are only a few examples of how the mouth can be a factor in how the facial features appear over the mouth. When it does come to genetically influenced facial symmetrical issues, the problem can be more severe and can leave patients with significant crookedness in their smile and facial features. It may be a great idea to have an orthodontist check out either situation when it comes to facial symmetry. It can benefit any patient to choose to have their mouth checked. This is to see what kind of orthodontic treatments are available to help their smile and face gain symmetry. thinking

Fixing a Crooked Smile and Getting a Symmetrical Face

The process of fixing unbalanced or uneven jaws does take some time and special procedures.  But in most cases, a set of braces can make a huge difference. In addition to braces, the orthodontist will develop a plan that can help smooth out the jawline. Then line up teeth and straighten out or bend the bone in ways that fix the face over time. Only experienced orthodontist professionals are able to get the right plan in place to get their patients the progress they need to fix many different types of issues with their mouths. An Asymmetrical face can require a lot of work and trial and error when it comes to orthodontic procedures. Sometimes the mouth will make unexpected movements during the treatment or setbacks such as broken brackets or missed appointments. The ability to make small adjustments over time makes it possible to really fine tune how the profile of a face and looks and the evenness of the front of the jawline ultimately look.

Here’s the Kicker:

Depending on the case, different types of equipment are used. Sometimes clear aligners are available that can really adjust the teeth into place without having metal hardware in the mouth. Additionally, a deformity of the jaw can require adjustments using springs, bands, spacers, separators. And a wide variety of placements for these hardware types. A treatment that encompasses the mouth in such a way to lead to the optimal result is what every patient needs. When you need to work out some kinks and get a grand smile that helps to improve the symmetry of your entire face, choose professional services from Dr. King. The gentle and experienced services from friendly staff and expert knowledge provide the best option for getting the best smile and even facial features possible.

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How can I fix my face and make it more symmetrical?

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