Know Everything About Invisalign [2018]

December 15, 2014

Invisalign is an alternative to braces that uses new developments in dental science to straighten teeth without needing big, uncomfortable braces to work. It uses clear plastic molds to gradually shift your teeth into a better alignment over time. Your doctor or orthodontist can take a special mold of your teeth, and then a lab will create a specific set of transparent molds. invisalign

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How It Works

The first step to trying out Invisalign is talking to a care provider. They can take the measurements to create aligners for you as well as discuss the treatment plan in detail and assess if you are a good candidate. Everyone has a unique set of teeth, so it is important for a professional to get an accurate description of your teeth that the lab can use to create customized aligners. After you have spoken to the care provider and they discuss the treatment with you, they send your measurements off and you later receive a set of plastic aligners. The aligners are clear and almost impossible to see. You will need to take them off to eat, brush or floss, but other than that, you leave them in all day to let them work. They slowly guide your teeth into position. Every two weeks, you swap out for a new aligner that is closer to your ideal tooth position. Continue seeing your care provider to keep them updated on the process. For adults, it takes about a year or so to fully complete the process. For kids, the duration is roughly the same as traditional braces - anywhere from a few months to five years depending on severity, but normally not more than two years. An orthodontist can advise you on the best length of treatment for your or your child.  

Invisalign Cost

Invisalign comes under many dental insurance plans as a covered item, just like traditional braces would be. The final cost of the treatment depends on the person and their needs. For a good accounting of what the Invisalign cost might be for you, consider going for a consultation. This can also help you clear up any medical questions you might have about the procedure and your specific experience with the aligners. A good orthodontist should be able to answer any and all questions you might have, including questions about insurance coverage. MONEY

Comparison with Braces

The natural comparison in terms of dental treatments is braces. Braces are the traditional way of changing tooth alignment. Many American kids have bad memories of wearing braces- they tend to bear a stigma because of their appearance. Furthermore, they impede eating, brushing, and flossing. The advantage of using aligners instead of braces is the fact that you can just take an aligner out. While you should keep it in for at least 22 hours a day, having them out to eat or brush your teeth is no big deal- in fact, it is recommended. It is so much easier to use your teeth on a day to day basis with aligners than braces. On top of that, the fact that the aligners are transparent means that the social stigma of wearing them is virtually nonexistent. Just slip them off before eating, and put them back on when the meal is over. If you do this with discretion, it is likely that people will not even notice that you have them. The underlying theme is that aligners are more convenient and less socially ostracizing than braces. Consult us to learn about how your insurance coverage differs between aligners and braces- this is also a significant part of your decision. Usually, aligners have some coverage, but the total cost of treatment depends on the exact needs of the patient.


For many years, braces have been the fear of children across the country. In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that braces have been one of the most significant negative experiences that most Americans have with the dentist when they are growing up. Now, however, the advent of aligners has made it possible to have a subtle and more comfortable solution to misaligned teeth. The new technology can treat teeth just as well as braces did, and with added convenience. Moreover, they also work well on adults and take less time to do so. A qualified orthodontist can discuss you or your child's dental needs with you and what kind of treatment they recommend.  

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Know Everything About Invisalign [2018]

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