Invisalign Irritating Discomforts (This is What We Learned]

May 31, 2019

When a person’s teeth are not straight, they might feel discomforts or embarrassed and avoid smiling. They might even avoid speaking in public. If this rings a bell with, then King Orthodontics may have a way to fix that smile.   girl in field

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Invisalign Hurts to Eat? & Other Issues

Invisalign are braces for adults and are not noticeable when the user wears them. These appliances do the job of giving a person that perfect smile that improves their social life. If an adult cares about having perfect teeth, this is the right choice. As with every process to provide a perfect smile, there are some costs. Invisalign has some discomforts issues that individuals must know about and consider before investing in this type of procedure. To get the best results, anyone considering using aligners to straighten their teeth has to have healthy teeth and gums. When a perspective patient has issues such as tooth decay, or periodontal disease, using aligners may have to wait or be impossible. These invisible, removable braces can be used to correct a variety of orthodontic problems, including overbite, under bite, cross bite, spacing and gapping. People wanting this type of dental correction therapy must be strongly motivated and self disciplined enough to follow the orthodontist’s orders, since they will be responsible for wearing their aligners in accordance with the prescribed plan of action and changing them as recommended.  

Possible Discomforts

There is a certain amount of soreness to be expected with any orthodontic treatment because your teeth are being made to shift their position. But if there is too much soreness or too many problems, your orthodontist needs to be told because there may be more serious problems than just a feeling of tenderness. Most users have indicated that any discomforts is most noticeable when beginning treatment. An over-the-counter anti-inflammatory, such as ibuprofen, can help with any especially painful episodes. When heading to an appointment, it might also a good idea to take some before see the orthodontist since he may want to check those tender points in your mouth. If the pain gets to be too much to deal with and the office is not open, using a cold pack can help. Apply the ice pack on the outside of the mouth against the cheeks or lips to really make a difference. If you have soreness that you cannot reach with a cold pack, try sucking on an ice cube.  
  • Tender Teeth and Gums

There are times when some soreness may be present, with the most noticeable feeling being in the teeth and gums. This is where the most pressure is being applied and where you might have the majority of tenderness. This means some pain is a good possibility. Tenderness in the gums or tongue, including the cheeks and the roof and floor of the mouth’s, is common because this is where the edges of the aligner are coming in contact the soft tissue. About half of all of the patients who use aligners experience painful feelings that have their roots with the aligners. While using aligners is not apt to produce any severe pain, like metal braces may, the constant rubbing could be uncomfortable. Taking the aligner out of your mouth or putting it back can cause some irritation, which is the cause of the pain. However, it has been found that this problem usually only occurs in the early stages of using an aligner. This means that as the gums and teeth will get used to the aligner. Then the level of pain or discomfort will diminish.

There's More...

  • Sore Tongue

A sore tongue usually happens within the first week of a starting to use a new aligner. It might be caused by a sharp edge that is irritating the tongue. It might feel a lot like your tongue has been burned from eating or drinking something too hot.  
  • Pain During Eating or Drinking

Some teeth are positioned next to very sensitive nerves, so those sensitive teeth may experience more pain, especially if they need to move a lot. Realigning your teeth is done by exerting pressure from different angles. Some will feel more soreness than others. It just means your teeth are moving as they should. Taking out the attachments is a good idea before eating, since the flexible aligners might get bent or cracked while eating. Since the force that damages the aligner occurs with harder foods, it may be a good idea that, at least for the first few days, you should eat soft foods. Wearing the aligners at night while asleep, at least for the first night or two, helps speed up the process of getting the wearer used to them with a minimum of discomfort It is okay to drink while the aligner is in your mouth. It is a good idea to avoid extremes of ice cold and steaming hot drinks. Instead, try to stick with either cool or room temperature drinks. The extremes of hot and cold can damage an aligner. After every meal, you should be sure to brush your teeth and clean the aligners. This insures that that no residue is left in the aligner. Any leftover food on the aligner or your teeth can cause problems with tooth movement and cause discomfort.  
  • Sleep Interruptions

You will experience dryness and a saliva issue too. This will be overcome in no time. Breathe through your mouth while sleeping.  
  • Speaking Discomforts

It is possible that wearing the aligners can hamper your ability to speak, causing possible slurring or a lisp. Even though this isn’t necessarily painful, it can be very embarrassing for many people. This can be improved upon by practicing talking with your aligners in place. Practicing in private can help you get used to speaking while having the aligner in.  

Prevention Measures

  1. Take Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers
  2. Use Cold Compresses
  3. Switch to New Trays Just before Bedtime
  4. Eat a Soft Food Diet
  5. Switch to a new aligner before bed.

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Invisalign Irritating Discomforts (This is What We Learned]

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