7 Dental Devices that Speed-Up (Treatment)

July 17, 2018

Devices that Speed-Up Treatment Explained. There are orthodontic complications like overcrowding, an under-bite, an overbite, or a misplaced midline that can easily lower the self-confidence of someone to the point that it affects his or her entire life. No one wants to have mouth issues when you want to eat ice cream or enjoy a meal. woman looking into lake   Firstly, the mentioned issues above are closely associated with sadness, periodontal diseases and other defects that affect someone’s social life. To counter and manage these issues, orthodontists can perform several procedures to turn around someone’s dental complications.  

Orthodontic Treatment

It is a form of therapy that alters the defects of your teeth and jaws by redeeming your appearance and also protect you, the patient, from any other dental issues that might arise due to bad teeth. This treatment is better performed when you are an adult due to the fact that all your teeth have grown. As a mother, if you didn’t take your child to get your teeth checked, you can look for orthodontists in your area who can examine your child to see if there is any procedure that needs to be done.  

The Different Types of Orthodontic Treatment Appliances

Like a toolkit, each tool is for a different problem, this is the case with appliances used by orthodontists.  


We all know these appliances, I mean who doesn’t? They apply a slight pressure to move the teeth that have excess space between them together or they straighten the teeth. Braces are used for various problems such as crossbite, improper tooth spacing, overbite, and underbite.  

Clear aligners

Clear orthodontics aligners work the same way braces do. The only difference is that the aligner doesn’t have wires and brackets. Aligners are polymer trays that move teeth significantly each time a new one is installed. As the name states, clear aligners are almost invisible. An example of a clear orthodontics aligner is an Invisalign. An Invisalign is an aligner custom made for each patient.  

Jaw Repositioning Orthodontic Appliances

These appliances are also known as splints. They are highly recommended for patients who have temporomandibular joint disorders and other improper jaw alignment problems.  

Space Maintainers

In certain instances, children lose some teeth prematurely leading to improper tooth eruption or several dental issues. To prevent this from happening, an orthodontic expert will recommend the placement of space maintainers. Space maintainers will prevent the adjacent teeth from moving into the gap formed by the missing teeth. This will allow proper permanent teeth to grow. Metal and acrylic are materials used in making space maintainers. You can have either fixed or removable space maintainers, depending on what you want for yourself or for your child. Just a note, when your child loses their teeth, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to get them space maintainers, at times the teeth will grow properly. To be certain whether you require space maintainers or not, you need to book an appointment with an orthodontic expert to ascertain which treatment is suitable for you. Before you go ahead and self-diagnose yourself, look for orthodontists in your area where you can go for a consultation. You don’t want to further damage your teeth or increase any dental issues that you might be having.   woman next to clock  

Speed-Up Treatment Appliances used during Orthodontic Treatment

The above-mentioned appliances, though reliable in correcting periodontal issues take several months before you see the results. Due to this, there are adjunctive orthodontic appliances that are available and can help your child have the smile they deserve. Some of the appliances can be used on their own or used to support the traditional orthodontic treatments. Examples of these speed-up treatment appliances include the following.  

Photobiomodulation Orthodontic Devices

Photobiomodulation therapy has been used by health experts for years to reduce inflammation, and aid in tissue repair. When used in orthodontic treatment, the orthodontist uses an LED or laser to shine a low-level light on the teeth for approximately ten minutes each day. The process increases blood flow in the gums and jaws, and this will increase the speed at which your child’s teeth will move. This device is used synergistically with other therapies to speed-up the treatment.  

MicroPulse Orthodontic Appliances

Firstly, these are used on their own to alter several orthodontic issues. To attain the desired result your child wants, the orthodontist will use this appliance to reduce the process it takes to fix your dental problems. When in use, the appliance will utilize the pulses to stimulate bone remodeling. The design of this appliance is similar to a gumshield, as it will sit on your child’s teeth only for a limited time. An example of such an appliance that your orthodontist might use is the Acceledent Optima. Acceledent Optima looks like the normal mouth guard which is commonly used in sports.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vE_ujubZrF4   Benefits of MicroPulse Orthodontic Appliance
  • Easy to use on both kids and adults.
  • Reduces the time for treatment by approximately 50%.
  • It supports hands-free operation.
  • Due to its lightweight, it applies less force on your child’s teeth than a regular electric toothbrush.

Self-Ligating Brackets

Self-ligating brackets function the same way as normal dental braces. The main difference between braces and self-ligating brackets is that archwires are usually secured using spring-loaded closure to the bracket in self-ligating brackets. With braces, the archwire is held be a color plastic to the bracket.  

In Conclusion

In conclusion, as a mother, you want to ensure your child receives the best and right dental care that you can afford. It is, therefore, necessary for you to know the treatment and appliances that are going to be using on your child and of course how to speed-up treatment. For those who live in at Centerville, we highly recommend that you visit our offices at
  • Centerville, OH 45459
  • Fairborn, OH 45324
Accordingly, for all your orthodontic treatment, schedule an orthodontic consultation with Dr. Sam King. You are guaranteed to leave the offices with a smile on your face.

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7 Devices that Speed-Up Treatment (EXPLAINED)

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