A Day to Serve your Community

January 14, 2014

Martin Luther King Jr. Day with King Orthodontics

Martin Luther King, Jr.Martin Luther King Jr. Day is coming up on January 20th and we wanted to announce that our offices will stay open along with many other businesses over the long weekend. Our staff is going to take some time to remember a great man Martin Luther King Jr. The community that surrounds our office is very important to us and it is a multicultural one, as our offices and staff. Without the civil rights movement our community would not be the way it is today and our office would certainly not be the same place without it either. For this reason we feel that it's important to recognize the amazing accomplishments that Martin Luther King Jr. brought to the civil rights movement. With his sacrifices and tenacity the world was able to change. Our staff will be taking this time to reflect and give back to the community in which we have grown over these years . We all plan on taking some time out during the weekend to give to a charitable organization in the area and to benefit fellow members of our community.

What you can do in the event of an emergency:

If you experience any issues with your orthodontic appliance or have an accident over the weekend please feel free to call into our office so that we can make the earliest available appointment following the weekend. We are always available to take your calls and our voice mail and messages will continue to take any emergency concerns over the holiday. We can get you in as soon as possible after the weekend has concluded but we also have a number of excellent tutorials and FAQs that you can follow to make yourself comfortable or to prevent damage until then. On our website you can find some great tips on what to do in the event of an emergency situation and how you can adjust your orthodontic appliances for comfort. Robert keep all of your orthodontic appliances if they fall off or are damaged for your appointment visit.

Keeping up with your treatment:

Remember that this holiday is no different from any other day for your orthodontic treatment. Stick to your diet plan, know the foods to avoid and consult our FAQs for care requirements during orthodontic treatment. We hope that you have a nice holiday weekend and that you can take some time to reflect on this great man. If you do need to set up an appointment please contact King Orthodontics at any point before or after the holiday weekend on January 20.

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A Day to Serve your Community

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