Can You Still Maintain a Healthy Diet While Using Invisalign?

July 12, 2016

Invisalign is an orthodontic product that works like braces, though transparent in nature and snaps into place on the teeth. The dental measures are also referred to as aligners since they are used to correct minor teeth problems such as crowding. Just like other teeth procedures, people always wonder what dietary restrictions they have and how to have a healthy diet. They are not as limiting as people assume. Orthodontists recommend aligners depending on particular needs. healthy diet

How they work

Aligners are different from braces in that they are not kept on for a long time. Orthodontists instruct patients to wear their aligners for about 20 hours in a day. Remove during meals. It means they do not prevent the consumption of particular foods. People feel they influence the diet since they have to be removed before eating.

Foods not to eat with aligners

Foods that are sticky such as gum and candies get lodged in parts that the aligners attach to the teeth. They are clear in nature and can, therefore, be stained by wine and other colored beverages. Eating with the aligners, on the other hand, promotes tooth decay and accumulation of plaque. Food quickly gets in between the teeth and the aligners, making the experience uncomfortable and the aligner difficult to remove. It is important to brush and floss before putting the aligners back on.

Benefits and care of invisalign

Despite common perception by people that aligners are difficult to maintain, observing a healthy diet is very easy. When asked between removing the aligners and brushing teeth with braces, most people realize it is easier to have aligners. Brushing and flossing with the later is quite the task. The upwards and downwards motion in between the brackets is hectic. Individuals with experience in both, agree it is easier to remove the aligners and eat healthy foods. It is important during the treatment to stop eating foods full of sugars. It is only wise to make simple dietary sacrifices, after investing so much on aligners.

Healthy Diet Healthy Mouth...

Invisalign pushes the teeth back into place. An individual needs to have a very healthy diet to strengthen the gums and jaws while on aligners. An orthodontist may recommend certain foods.  


People rarely eat avocados unless they have tacos to go with the guacamole. They treat it as a luxury food. Avocados have healthy fats with little cholesterol and are rich in potassium. Potassium is good for strengthening bones and in turn, the jaws. The fruit comes highly recommended since it does not stick on teeth or in between the teeth. When pressed for time, individuals can just brush without flossing after eating avocados. Clear aligners do not pose a diet limitation; they just call for a conscious selection of foods.  


The primary goal when using aligners is to keep strengthening the teeth. Carrots are full of vitamins and minerals that help to keep teeth strong. Beta- carotene is one of the minerals very essential for healthy teeth. Carrots are hard and firm which prevents them from sticking in between the teeth. Food lodged between the teeth compromises the effectiveness of the aligners. They snap on the teeth at some level of tightness to push the teeth back to shape.   milk can on hay


Another essential mineral for strong, healthy teeth is calcium. Milk and dairy products contain the essential element. As a beverage, milk comes highly recommended. Unlike carbonated drinks that corrode teeth, it does not. People on aligners drink milk as part of their diet during the treatment period. Calcium strengthens the enamel which is the outermost part of the teeth. If it is weak, the aligners will keep moving and become less effective. As an advantage, milk provides more nutrients other than calcium. It works for the teeth and the entire body. Eating healthy during the use of aligners is beneficial both in the long and short run. A healthy diet will ensure teeth remain stronger for longer.  

Importance of Orthodontist Requirements

It is important to follow any regulations offered by an orthodontist before the aligners are put into place. At the same time, it is also important to ask which foods to avoid. They first carry out an analysis of your teeth, to come up with the perfect aligners. Such tests reveal any teeth weaknesses. They may realize your teeth are too weak for tough foods which require too much chewing. In such a situation, carrots may not be the best choice despite their nutritional benefits. They are too hard and could affect the teeth. In other cases, they recommend regular chewing to exercise the jaw. The exercise is meant to relieve pressure exerted by the aligners. Everyone knows chewing gum is the first thing discouraged for oral health. Sugar-free gum is recommended after every meal to exercise the jaw. Research shows people who follow a healthy diet and other regulations, use aligners for a shorter period as compared to those who do not. Any small detail that people tend to ignore may affect the effectiveness of the aligners. Smokers especially find it tough to quit during such a period. Cigarettes may not have a direct impact on the teeth but they affect the general health of the body. They also cause the staining of the clear aligners. There is a reason they are clear, and it is important to keep them that way. Instead of incurring extra cost out of negligence follow the rules for a better smile, faster than expected.

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Can You Still Maintain a Healthy Diet While Using Invisalign?

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