7 Tips for Brushing Your Teeth (with Braces)

May 25, 2018

Brushing your teeth with braces. You have begun the journey to an amazing smile with help from your orthodontist. You have a shiny, new set of braces that will gradually shift your teeth into the proper position. It could take two years or more, but it will be worth the wait when your smile finally reaches its full potential. As you patiently wait for your orthodontic treatment plan to produce beautiful results, you can't neglect your teeth. woman in field with umbrella

So...Brushing Your Teeth with Braces

Brackets and wires make it more difficult to perform a thorough oral hygiene regimen. It is still possible to give your teeth the attention they need. However, you are going to need to put more thought into the best approach for brushing your teeth. Take the following tips to get the most out of good oral hygiene habits when braces present a challenge to keeping your teeth clean. Your teeth will thank you when they are healthy and strong once your wires and brackets come off. So will your dentist.  

You Need to Brush Twice a Day

You need to make sure you are brushing regularly and thoroughly every day. This is an important practice with or without orthodontic treatment, but you need to pay extra attention to your teeth with braces because it's much easier for food particles to build up on your teeth as they become trapped. Plan on brushing every morning and before you go to bed. If you really want to reap the benefits of good oral care, consider brushing after each meal. It's not that hard to pack a toothbrush and toothpaste with you wherever you go. Your main goal is to make sure you don't have any debris stuck to your wires or brackets. You don't want to let plaque build up either. A good rinse with a cup of water before you brush will flush out some of the food that might be clinging to your teeth. Use a mouthwash when you are done brushing at night and in the morning if you prefer to go the distance to kill bacteria and germs in your mouth. Take care not to overdo it when you are brushing. You don't want to cause abrasion that will damage your enamel or irritate your gums.  

Choose the Best Brush for Braces

When you have brackets fixed to your teeth and wires connecting them, it can feel like there is a lot getting in the way in your mouth when you try to brush. You might notice that your mouth is feeling more sensitive as well. Choosing the best brush for braces is important not only to ensure you are thorough but also for your comfort. If you are going with a regular toothbrush, look for brushes that have a small head that can easily have access to those areas in your mouth that are hard to reach. You'll want a soft brush to keep your gums from getting irritated. The bristles don't have to be hard to clean your teeth well. Electric toothbrushes are another alternative. They are considered highly effective for cleaning your teeth. There are many brands on the market with positive reviews. Interdental toothbrushes are also available. They are effective in targeting the areas in between your teeth. Your main goal is to keep your teeth clean while protecting your mouth from irritation.  

Don't Forget to Floss

If you didn't floss regularly before orthodontic treatment, you need to start. If you already were flossing, continue to follow this excellent habit. It will be a bit more challenging now, but you need to get anything that is trapped in between your teeth and close to your gums. Your toothbrush can't get everything. A floss threader can help you to get the floss where you need it to go. You should plan on flossing every day, preferably before bed so you go to sleep with a mouth that is as clean as possible when combined with brushing and mouthwash. floss

There's More...

Teeth Whitening Products are Not a Good Idea

While you may like to use kinds of toothpaste, rinses, and other products that whiten your teeth, brushing your teeth with regular toothpaste will have to be enough while undergoing orthodontic treatment. If you whiten to brighten your teeth, the areas beneath your brackets will really stand out when your orthodontic treatment plan is over. You want your teeth to have one uniform color. If you are not happy with how bright and white your teeth are after your teeth have been straightened, you can always consider professional teeth whitening or other products once all brackets and wires have been removed.  

A Fluoride Rinse is a Wise Choice

Brushing, flossing, and mouthwash are beneficial for your teeth whether you are undergoing orthodontic correction or not. However, you'll give your teeth extra protection with a fluoride rinse. This will give your enamel a boost. You will also be taking an extra step to ward off decay while you are waiting for the final results of your orthodontic treatment plan.  

Check in with Your Dentist and Hygienist Regularly

While you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, you still need to see your dentist for your regular visits to make sure your teeth are healthy. If there are any issues, you'll want them addressed to avoid bigger problems in future. You should see your dental hygienist for professional cleanings as well.  

Avoid the Pitfalls of Not Brushing Well

If you don't take care of your teeth, you'll face the consequences. The effects of not brushing teeth with braces include an increased risk of tooth decay and a higher risk of gum disease. You won't appreciate your properly aligned teeth if they are damaged due to the effects of not brushing teeth with braces. Be proactive and take care of your teeth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmdZ9ygz2eI&pbjreload=10

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7 Tips for Brushing Your Teeth (with Braces)

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