What does Braces Treatment Mean? [for the Emerging Musician]

August 26, 2014

Kids who play music often feel they will be limited to certain instruments after getting braces. Obviously, young musicians who play string instruments, piano, or percussion will not suffer any negative effects from braces. On the other hand, musicians who favor certain brass or woodwind instruments might find that their ability to play is negatively impacted by braces. Using wind instruments while wearing braces can be uncomfortable and will require adjustments to playing style. saxophone

Expect Discomfort

It is likely that your young musician will suffer initial discomfort when they try to play instruments (such as the oboe or flute) after getting braces. This is perfectly normal as the child adjusts to the feeling of having a foreign object in the mouth when playing. Due to the rubbing movement that occurs in the mouth when blowing into an instrument, some musicians experience soreness or small lacerations in the mouth. Prevent this by using special mouth protectors (as recommended by an orthodontist) or orthodontic wax. It is possible your child's problem is not one of discomfort, but rather an inability to use the instrument's mouthpiece correctly. The protruding brackets and archwires can sometimes interfere with a child's lip placement on the mouthpiece. Overcoming this will require some assistance from a music teacher and some practice. However, there are many young people who figure out how to adjust their playing style all on their own.

Some Instruments Will be Harder to Play Than Others

Your child may find that some wind instruments are harder to play than others. Generally, the brass section of instruments tends to be the hardest because they require strong bursts of air. Some woodwinds such as the flute or clarinet may also be a little difficult to use. If your child is set on playing one of these instruments, they can continue using them in an enjoyable manner. Music teachers and orthodontists alike are familiar with the struggles of playing music which braces. Consulting each will provide helpful tips to make the music playing experience a rewarding and comfortable one.

The Invisalign Option

It may be necessary to try different types of braces to continue playing instruments as desired. A young one who gets Invisalign will have the option of removing the aligners during music practice and performances. Thus, they will be able to continue playing as they normally would. Orthodontists suggest discussing the type of instrument played and frequency of play with them. This will allow the orthodontist to make appropriate suggestions to ensure there is no detriment to the Invisalign treatment. If you need a reliable and knowledgeable orthodontist for braces, contact our professionals at King Orthodontics as they are experienced about using braces with instruments, and can provide meaningful advice to address any of your concerns. You may contact us at our Centerville or Fairborn offices to schedule a complimentary consultation.  

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What does Braces Treatment Mean? [for the Emerging Musician]

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