Braces and Children: All you Need to Know

May 1, 2014

What is the Perfect Age for Getting Orthodontic Braces for your Child?

[caption id="attachment_1116" align="alignright" width="500"]King Orthodontics Charles Williams via Compfight cc[/caption] Many specialists share a common idea that most children, if not all ought to be wearing braces by the time they are getting to seven years. An orthodontist, who is more specialized in the dental advocates for wearing of braces immediately after teeth misalignments start appearing. The advice is because; it allows timely correction of the errors in the teeth of a child. In common cases teeth misalignments starts appearing immediately one looses the milk teeth mostly referred to as the temporally set of teeth, that is , by the  time the second set of teeth starts appearing. There are a number of reasons that make a child to need braces, some of the reasons behind wearing of braces includes, correction of crooked teeth and also misaligned teeth into shape. Children with misaligned teeth could be the laughing stalk among their peers, and this could affect their self-confidence and self-esteem too. As a result, timely alignment of children’s teeth should be considered in order to make sure that their private lives, as well as relationships are not threatened. In addition to that, it also helps in correcting cases of overlapping of teeth. Many children also experience cases of over biting and under biting.  Over biting is a case where the upper jaw is bigger than the lower jaw. Such a case can lead to biting of the tongue and cause some discomfort during eating or even while talking. More to that, other importance of wearing braces at an early age helps in aligning the teeth in a good sequence, as well as creating a good cute smile for your child. A good smile comes with confidence, as well as a high sense of self-esteem. However, wearing of the braces should be put in a great concern as it may impact negatively on the child morale and self esteem. At an early age, wearing of dental appliances should be greatly being considered before wearing of dental of braces. Teeth misalignments may greatly lower the child’s morale and self esteem, especially when approaching adolescence since they are likely to get swayed by the opinion of their age mates about their teeth. It is thus wise for a parent to correct teeth misalignment in a child before approaching the age of puberty. The time one goes to see an orthodontist only depends on an individual case and it is not a compulsory for one to have braces at an early age since different situations of teeth misalignment are unique in their own way. There have been numerous cases of adults seeking the services of a dentist to correct cases of teeth misalignments. However, correcting the defect at an early age is greatly recommended as it reduces cases of tongue bites or experiencing cases of low self-esteem. In conclusion, it is clear that orthodontic treatment for your child should be timely. The best time to put braces to correct your child’s teeth alignment is before puberty, since they can easily accept the change, without a lot of influence from the surrounding friends. The team of expert orthodontists at King Orthodontics takes care of your oral requirements in context with your age. Contact us today if you need the right counselling towards your oral hygiene goals.

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Braces and Children: All you Need to Know

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