The Best Age For Your Child To Get Braces

November 14, 2013

What is the best age for your child to get orthodontic braces?

Choosing the best time for your child to get an orthodontic consultation or when it is the right time for them to receive orthodontic treatment is always a difficult question. It is important to get children in fairly early for an orthodontic consultation as depending on their condition they may require a two-stage treatment which can take place over several years rather than just the 12 to 30 months that braces may require. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="320"]kid orthodontics Dietmar Temps via Compfight[/caption] Taking care of orthodontic treatment before a child enters their young adult phase is also great for helping to boost a child's confidence. Probably the best answer for picking the best age really depends on your child's teeth. When your child's peers are beginning to lose their primary teeth or when your child has lost quite a few primary teeth it may be a good idea for you to start thinking about going in for an orthodontic consultation. An orthodontic consultation will be able to determine if your child's permanent teeth are formed correctly and if their smile will need any type of corrections. The great news about bringing a child in for orthodontic treatment is that their jaw has not fully formed and it is still extremely easy to treat. Adults can receive orthodontic treatment but more difficult conditions may require options such as oral surgery as much of the patient's jaw and permanent teeth have fully formed and set in place. A child's teeth and jaws can still be very easily manipulated and this will reduce their treatment time exponentially over them receiving treatment as an adult. Most children will require a simple treatment of braces which usually requires anywhere from 12 to 30 months of treatment. Of course there are a plenty of other treatment options available to children as well such as Invisalign, Six Month Smiles and more. In most cases patients will not actually begin their treatment until their 12 year molars have at least partially erupted and until most of their primary teeth have fallen out. This is because braces generally need to be affixed to permanent teeth and permanent teeth need to be in a patient's mouth so that predictable results can be achieved. If you have any more questions about finding the best age for your child to get orthodontic braces, or about receiving a free consultation for braces for your child, please call King Orthodontics in Centerville or  Fairborn.

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The Best Age For Your Child To Get Braces

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