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February 20, 2014

I want to have a Perfect Smile When my Braces get off!

[caption id="attachment_1101" align="alignright" width="363"]King Ortho dragon762w (moved to 500px) via Compfight cc[/caption] After a long experience in the field of orthodontics, I have been treating patients who start with crooked and crowded teeth, multiple crowns, bad bites as well as restorations throughout their mouths. After long periods of treatment, the desired results are achieved and the patients end up being very happy. The use of braces helps me to accomplish all that I could, especially rectifying the serious orthodontic conditions of some patients. Braces have helped me to resolve teeth crowding, alignment and correction of bites. In most cases, I am very surprised and contented with the results. However, some patients are not happy with the treatment. I have dealt with a patient who grabbed a plastic model of teeth and said that she wanted to have such a perfect smile when she removed her brace. In this article, I would like my patients to understand the reasons why all completed orthodontic treatments cannot be perfect. The way a smile looks like after the completion of an orthodontic treatment depends on so many factors. Some of these factors are within the control of the orthodontist, while other factors depend on the level of cooperation of the patient. However, there are some  other factors that are beyond the control of both the patients and their orthodontist. Such factors include genetics. The discussion below shows how these factors will affect your final smile.

Role of an Orthodontist

Your orthodontist has a very important role in shaping your final smile. This is by the nature of the treatment used to treat you as well as key decisions of the orthodontist during the treatment process. Some of these decisions include whether to remove a tooth or not, the replacement of missing teeth, or whether to surgically reposition the jaws or work with them at their locations. The experience and skill of the doctor is  paramount aspect in determining how your teeth will be moved to their final position.

Role of the Patient

As a patient, you also have a big role in shaping your final smile. For example, a patient is supposed to follow the recommendations of the doctor to surgically remove the teeth or to surgically reposition his or her  jaws or even to remove crowded teeth. A patient is also supposed to attend all the appointments of the practitioner if he or she wishes to get the best results. Even if the orthodontist you choose to get treatment from has the world’s best treatment plan, it is not possible to get the desired result without the cooperation of the patients.

Role of Patient’s Body Anatomy

Even when the patients and the orthodontists follow all their requirements in the treatment process, there are some elements that they cannot control. One of those elements is how the body responds to treatment. In some cases, the teeth may not cooperate, even after your doctor has used the best treatment plan, and you have been fully cooperative. In some instances, the muscles and habits of a patient may work against the forces that the braces provide in order to correct your smile. Other aspects that will affect the final shape of your smile are the size of your jaws and the shape of your teeth. I hope you now know that it is not the responsibility of an orthodontist to get you a perfect smile. There are other many factors beyond his or her control! Circle King Orthodontics on Google+ and keep getting a daily punch of update from the world of orthodontics.  

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Always Hope for the Best Results

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