Can I Consider Further Treatment [after My Braces Are off?]

July 17, 2017

Something about teeth brackets makes people look at you funny. They do so because they do not know how much effort and time you invest in them just to have a beautiful smile in the end. You can't floss right, and the wires constantly bother you. Overwhelming excitement abounds when the time to remove them comes.   sad woman   You confidently walk into the orthodontist's office and with restlessness, you patiently wait to know a surprise is coming. As is the norm, you're handed a mirror after the procedure of removing them is done. Then the least of your worries hits you hard, the reflection of the person smiling back at you has an awfully unsatisfactory smile! Your first smile was even better. You head back home with your head bent wondering what could have gone wrong. What determines the final smile? Several factors determine the smile you get after treatment. They include:  


How they do the procedure has a direct impact on how the patient heals. He or she should know how the teeth move and make other decisions that will ensure a satisfactory outcome. The decisions might entail replacement of teeth if there are large spaces or removing others if the mouth is crowded. A good orthodontist plans on time and does everything that will necessitate a happy smile in the end.  


Even after complete application of the wires to a patient's teeth, their behavior might distort how they will look like in the end. Habits like teeth grinding reduce the effectiveness of the brackets.  

Natural Causes

The unfavorable outcome also occurs if for example your teeth have decayed, have bridges, crowns or fallen out. Another case is if perhaps you were born with short teeth but want to have them long, the wires will be helpless. Other cause includes accidents or failure to follow the doctor's instructions for caring for your teeth after the wearing the brackets.   ?

What Should You Do if the Results Are Unsatisfactory?

Before whining about how your smile looks like after the removal of braces, you should know that it is possible to consider further treatment. To do this, one needs a sit down with the orthodontist who will examine the case and offer further suggestions, which in the long run will be useful. Just because you've had them in the past and weren't satisfied with what you got, your world hasn't ended. There have been many transitions in the industry, and further treatments are available.

Further treatment options

Several options could be applied to avoid disappointment after the completion of the procedure. They are: • Invisalign • Traditional teeth brackets • Extraction • Surgery • Headgear  


The recent addition to the alternatives of teeth correction is Invisalign. They are comfortable clear molds made from plastics that are BPA-free and are worn over the teeth. Unlike the traditional methods, the plastics are not attached to the teeth. It utilized the 3D imaging technology to plan and create a series of aligners, which are ever worn except when one is eating, brushing or flossing. Invisalign trays can be replaced individually. One doesn't have to go to the hospital to get them adjusted. They should be replaced every two weeks. Away from the painful methods of teeth alignment, this procedure is painless and results are achieved gradually. The most interesting part is that they are invisible, which means if you don't want people to know that you are wearing them, they are a perfect choice. If you've had brackets before and wasn't satisfied with your smile, in the end, a visit to the doctor will alleviate your anxiety as you get to discuss this alternative method of treatment.  

Traditional Braces

Technology has seen this method explore a different way of healing your teeth misalignment. You perhaps have walked down this road before and wasn't satisfied in the end, well, nowadays we got different materials used to make them. The brackets nowadays come in ceramic material, which is clear or white, unlike the metals that you remember. These brackets are attached to the back of your teeth for exceptional efficacy as opposed to others. This comes as a relief to those whose treatment the first time was met with complications. Another impressive thing about this method is that the rubber bands come in different colorful options. This will enable you to customize your look if you wanted to.  


Overcrowding of teeth in your mouth is one reason you might end up with an unsatisfactory smile. When they press together and leave no space, they will start growing sideways. This happens usually when the wisdom teeth start growing. In the event of teeth overcrowding, extraction will be necessary if you want to have a happy smile again. The procedure is simple and the result will see your teeth return to their previous position without further interference.  


If your orthodonture failed because you had an accident, the only thing that can be done to correct the situation is to have a surgery. The procedure will repair your gums and or jaw. Consequently, if the patient had a surgical need that wasn't performed before applying the brackets, it should be addressed if one needs impeccable solutions to their teeth misalignment. A good doctor who is well versed in this sector is recommended.  


The use of headgear has seen some positive results as an alternative method for fixing errors that accompanied the removal of your brackets. It is a detachable appliance attached to the back of your head. Some people can benefit from using headgear. They have the same effect as the rubber bands that apply an extra force for your teeth and jaws to shift. The most appropriate time to use headgear is during the night as one sleeps or during the day when one is at home. The last resort to bringing back your smile after removing the brace is through the use of a retainer. They will keep your teeth in place after the removal and ensure that your teeth do not gradually fall back to their original position. Additionally, cosmetic dentistry is another option to look at.  

Visit King Orthodontics

For all the above options, keep in mind that following the orders of your doctor goes a long way in bringing that smile you so desire. You have a right to it and as the world keeps changing, perhaps it is now time to visit King Orthodontics for an appointment and see yourself have the best smile ever.  

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Can I Consider Further Treatment [after My Braces Are off?]

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