A Smile is the Key That Fits the Lock of Everybody’s Heart


Keep Your Smile Bright!

Our smiles are an incredibly important part of who we are. Having a perfect smile can improve your life in numerous ways. Unfortunately, many of us struggle to find time to take care of our teeth. This is especially true for mothers. Thankfully, there is a solution. If you live in Centerville, Ohio, you can trust King Orthodontics to provide top notch care.

Moms Can Trust King

The staff at King Orthodontics understands women’s health issues. They are experts on providing dental treatments that will keep your smile beautiful and healthy for many years to come. Most people know what a dentist is, but many are unfamiliar with orthodontists. An orthodontist is more than just a dentist. They have extra specialized skills and experience, and are capable of providing a wider array of services to their clients. You can trust an orthodontist to treat your teeth right.

The Best Technology Available Anywhere

We love to use cutting edge technology. One of our most advanced and popular products are invisalign braces. These clear braces are much less conspicuous than the conventional braces of the past. They were originally for adults only, but new technology has made them available for teens as well. They won’t change their appearance and are easy to remove while brushing or eating. Invisalign is the easy to use alternative that kids and adults alike are using to straighten their teeth.

Call Us!

King Orthodontics has been Centerville’s friendly neighborhood orthodontist since 1953. The folks around here know that they can depend on us to help keep their teeth healthy. Contact us today and we can give you a free consultation, schedule an appointment and give you more information about our services.


King Orthodontics
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A Smile is the Key That Fits the Lock of Everybody’s Heart


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