You’ll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile. ― Charles Chaplin

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A smile on the face of any individual is something that resonates in any language, which is why making sure that being able to display it whenever possible is the goal when an orthodontist enters the picture.

The Men Behind the Smile

At King Orthodontics, achieving the ultimate goal of a beautiful smile on every face is what the father and son duo of Dr. Jack and Dr. Sam King are seeking every day. Together, their offer their patients the most current technological hardware available to an orthodontist, which is light years away from the old days of unsightly metal braces.

The Process

Each patient is assessed via the use of a cutting edge x-ray machine, and after then mapping out a course, King Orthodontics will begin its treatment. This can include the use of Invisalign, a clear method that allows the wearer to chat or laugh freely with anyone, with few people being able to detect the work of an orthodontist.

The Invisalign process is handled like this:

  • The teeth of the patient are assessed.
  • A dental impression of the patient’s teeth is taken.
  • That impression is sent to Align Technology.
  • 3-D simulations that help predict the teeth’s placement and movement are used.
  • Each stage of the process is based on the impression.
  • The simulations are tweaked before giving the go-ahead.
  • The final product is assessed online and sent over quickly.
  • The Invisalign is applied to the teeth.

Making the Right Call

Since the practice began in 1953, King Orthodontics has been a fixture in the Dayton dental market. Over that time, thousands of residents have walked away with a cheery smile, so make sure you set up an appointment today to join those whose smile can light up a room.

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