Why Should You Keep Braces On?


The teeth are one of the most important parts of the body. An orthodontist will essentially recommend regular checkup in order to ensure that the oral hygiene is maintained. Depending on the extent of the treatment that you are receiving, you will be required to have your braces on for a number of months and if the condition is severe for a number of years. While this is usually at the prescription of your orthodontist, the reasons for having the braces on cannot be overemphasized. This is especially the case in order to have a proper treatment for the condition that you are seeking medical attention on. The overall treatment time that has been identified for wearing the braces varies from nine months to five years. An orthodontist will examine this in a case to case basis and come up with the period that best enhances your treatment. However, the average time is between eighteen and twenty four months. There is no hard and fast rule as to the exact duration of the treatment. This is based on the circumstances of each case.

Keeping Your Treatment Plan On Track

The most profound and perhaps the greatest reason as to why you should have your braces on even when they feel to be frustrating is so that the treatment can go a planned in order to guarantee a full recovery. There are various types of braces from which to pick on the one that best suits your condition. Such selection can be achieved through the help of King Orthodonticswith the invisalign option being the most preferred. This is primarily because of the invisibility aspect and the fact that the user has greater control over them as compared to the other options. King Orthodontics strives as much as possible to ensure that the treatment period does not alter the way you live your life. The modern braces have been structured in a manner that ensures that the braces are worn without interfering with the speech or any aspect of the sound of the voice.

Advantages of Having the Braces on

While the above is the most apparent and most cited reason, some of the other reasons as to why you should keep the braces on include:

Keeping braces on avoids and greatly reduces the risk of infection.

Owing to the nature of the mouth, the chances of infection in the absence of proper oral hygiene are very high. In the event that the braces are taken off on a number of times, the possibility of them getting infected becomes comparatively higher as compared to braces that have been kept on for the same duration of time. Such infection might interfere with the treatment process or in other case may make the procedure even more complicated. It is recommended to use pain relievers over the first few days in case of pain as opposed to taking off the braces in order to reduce the chances of infection.

Shorter Treatment Times

The orthodontic treatment in cases where the braces are constantly removed is generally longer as compared to case where the braces are kept on. This is because keeping them on has the advantage of making the teeth get used and thus align in a faster manner to the treatment that is being sought. Further to this, getting used to the braces enhances the treatment procedure. This has been credited to the fact that the mouth normalizes this new environment with the effect of the mouth sating healthier. The teeth will align at a faster rate in the case where such braces are kept on as this provides more stability to the treatment that is being sought.

Proper Care of Your Teeth

Another reason that should make you keep your braces on is for the purpose of proper care of the teeth. Taking the braces off on a number of times might have the disadvantage of exposing them to risks and thus increase the chances of them getting ruined. This is particularly the case where they can be easily broken or damaged in any way. Keeping the braces on will thus significantly reduce this threat of them getting damaged. In the event that the braces are even slightly altered, this will translate to incurring other expenses and therefore make the total cost to be higher than budgeted for. The extra cost can be avoided by keeping the braces on.

Proper Maintenance

Maintaining the comfort of the patient seeking the treatment. While some old fashioned braces have been known to have some pain on a couple of times, the modern braces only have slight discomfort which goes away after the first one or two days. The use of invisalign is especially useful in this regard due to the advantages of having them. This modern type is almost invisible and thus increases the confidence of the person having them on. This is also in addition to the fact that they have a higher level of comfort as compared to the other models. Having the braces on therefore ensures that you get used to them and hence lead as normal a life as possible. Taking them off poses the risk of getting regular discomforts due to the adjustments that have to be made.

The use of the braces should however be made with close consultation with the dental advice of your specialist. This is meant to ensure that the process is as seamless and as effective as possible. Moreover, the treatment should be done as fast as practically possible in order to avoid other complications.

King Orthodontics

There are a number of dental plans available in the market. King Orthodontics ensures that the best interests of the client are the influencing factor for all the plans that you adopted. For further information and treatment whether for you, family member or friend, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer high quality, professional and efficient service to ensure that you are able to keep your smile on at all times. We offer different services that are meant to ensure that all your needs are adequately and timely addressed.

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