When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life you have a thousand reasons to smile.

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Feelings of being overwhelmed, personal loss or high stress take a physical and emotional toll on the body. Whether your source of stress is work, family, relationship-centered, or all of the above, there is a fast, effective method proven to help protect you against the adverse effects of stress known as a smile. The act of smiling (even “faking it”) has been shown to provide multiple health benefits by:

  • Increasing positive mood through release of endorphins
  • Decreasing risk of cardiovascular events by lowering heart rate
  • Strengthening your immune system by increasing white blood cell counts

To incorporate this technique effectively, try the following strategies:

Breathing Exercises: slow, deep breathing, concentrating on positive thoughts, and focused, progressive relaxation of muscles from head to toe are all expert-approved ways to relax yourself quickly during a stressful event. Give yourself a moment to employ the method that works best for you, smile, and tackle the challenge ahead one step at a time.

Keep a personal, stress relief kit on hand: a favorite photo, an MP3 player with your favorite music, scented candles or lotions, or a stash of dark chocolate can shift your focus, and remind you of all of the things in your life to smile about.

Take a moment for yourself: a quick walk to remove yourself from a stressful situation, a spa treatment to treat yourself and relax your muscles, or an appointment with an orthodontist to discuss treatments like Invisalign braces and improve your confidence when you smile will provide long-term benefits to your health.

King Orthodontics

To schedule an examination with an orthodontist, improve self-esteem, and increase your overall physical and emotional health, call King Orthodontics to discuss options, including transparent aligners and Invisalign with Dr. Jack E. King or Dr. Samuel B. King.

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