1 Amazing Way to Touch Someone’s Life


A smile is often a way to touch the life of someone else. It could brighten the day of someone who is going through a difficult time. If you don’t have the beautiful smile that you want, consider the benefits of Invisalign. An orthodontist at King Orthodontics can discuss some of the benefits with you as well as the process of the treatment.

The Reality of Braces

When you think about braces, you might think of the traditional metal brackets and wires that are placed on the teeth. Invisalign braces are clear and almost invisible. You might not even notice them unless you look closely in the mirror. With traditional braces, you will likely have to monitor what you eat as certain foods can get stuck in the brackets. The aligners are removable, making it easier to enjoy the foods that you like, such as chips or candy, instead of worrying about the kinds of foods you have to avoid.

Life With Aligners

Once the orthodontist places the aligners in the mouth, you will notice a smooth feel on the teeth instead of a small bracket on each tooth. The brackets can sometimes cut the gums and inside of the mouth. With the aligners, you don’t usually have to worry about damage caused to the inside of the mouth as the aligner is more like a tray or retainer instead of braces. Since the aligner can be removed, you can easily clean the teeth and place the aligner back in the mouth. Consequently, this makes it easy to brush the teeth, floss and make sure the proper oral care is provided to get the most benefits from Invisalign treatment.

King Orthodontics

Drs. Jack and Sam King can give you information about the treatment. You can find out, how long it will last and what you can expect after the aligners are removed. The office is located Centerville with an office in Fairborn as well.

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1 Amazing Way to Touch Someone’s Life

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