Tooth brushing Mistake No.3

tooth brushing mistakes

Tooth Brushing Mistake No.3 Not Brushing Often Enough or Long Enough

Though proper tooth brushing habits should be formed by the time adulthood arrives, a lot of people are still not immune to the most common tooth brushing mistake; not brushing long enough or more frequently. If you fit this category, perhaps you need to change your routine. Here are a few tooth brushing suggestions that will help you have perfect teeth.

Brush your teeth more often.

Many orthodontics professionals will tell patients in orthodontic treatment that they need to brush twice a day; once when they wake up in the morning and again before going to bed. Although cavities usually form at night during sleep, brushing your teeth in the morning is also conducive to perfect teeth and will help keep them clean throughout the day and reduce the risk. There are many orthodontic treatment clinics available such as Centerville Orthodontics and Orthodontic Treatment Fairborn in the event that you need more assistance.
Not brushing your teeth for a longer period of time is another common tooth brushing mistake. You should spend an average of two minutes brushing your teeth. That is the time needed to reach all 32 teeth, front and back. Specialists also recommend that you brush the area between the teeth and gums as well as the gums themselves. Consult Centerville Orthodontics or an Orthodontist in Centerville if you are still unsure about the recommended time frame for brushing your teeth.
In summary, these are just a few suggestions that will help you in your goal to have perfect teeth and a beautiful smile. In addition to flossing and mouthwash, brushing longer and more frequently will help fight cavities and keep teeth healthy. Orthodontics clinics like the Orthodontist in Centerville and Orthodontic Treatment Fairborn are available for those who might need additional help in their pursuit of achieving excellent oral hygiene.

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Tooth brushing Mistake No.3

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