It only takes a split second to smile and forget, yet to someone that needed it, it can last a lifetime. ― Steve Maraboli


A smile is like the sun bursting through clouds on a rainy day. Everyone feels better when someone smiles at them. They feel appreciated and valued. Positive feelings that start with a smile affect both the giver and the receiver. If you’re holding back your smiles because you’re embarrassed by your teeth, get an orthodontic exam to see if your teeth can be improved with the help of braces.

Your Smile

A qualified orthodontist has all the training, experience, and tools that are needed to almost magically rearrange your teeth for a more winsome smile. The usual treatment is the application of metal or ceramic braces, which are wires arranged on the teeth to move them into their correct positions and in alignment with each other. Invisalign is a type of braces that are clear and difficult to be seen, which makes patients eager to wear them since they won’t be easily noticed. Patients feel less conspicuous, and their confidence begins to increase.

Orthodontic treatment can address most forms of dental misalignment, including an overbite and an under-bite. Teeth that have slipped into gaps left by lost teeth or tipped because of an opening can be righted into their correct places to restore a more natural, illustrious smile. The orthodontist will create a treatment plan that outlines which steps will be taken to address the teeth problems. He or she will explain which type of wires will be used, such as Invisalign, if they are suitable for treating the problems.

Working together, the orthodontic specialist and the patient can be successful in changing the person’s dental structures so that they are in proper alignment. The patient will have no further need to refrain from smiling. In fact, smiling may become a daily part of life.

For more information about the types of treatment available for teeth misalignment, contact King Orthodontics to schedule an appointment.

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