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Make [New] Friends With an Attractive Smile 2017

George Eliot was a poet who believed that wearing a gorgeous smile would help you make new friends but that having a scowl would only give you unattractive wrinkles. However, when you avoid smiling because your teeth are crowded and overlapping, it is time to visit an orthodontist for an evaluation. The best time for someone to have her teeth straightened is during childhood. But teenagers and adults can also have their teeth fixed. Having your teeth straightened can change your entire facial appearance, making it easier to smile at other people on a daily basis.

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Retainers are Extremely Important

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Orthodontic Fact #1: Almost 25% of patients who wore braces had to get them again after treatment because they failed to wear retainers as they were advised

Making Braces Work: You Need Your Retainer

If you want to have the best results when it comes to braces before and after, you need to follow your orthodontist’s advice and wear your retainer for as long as it is recommended. This is one component of treatment that should not be overlooked. Regardless of the types of braces that are used, retainers are a must as the final stage of orthodontic treatment. Unfortunately, almost 25% of patients that wore braces have to get treatment again because they did not follow their orthodontist’s recommendation about their retainers. If you’re going to invest in your smile, placing so much time and energy into the lengthy treatment that is involved in braces, you owe it to yourself to keep that smile.

Go the Distance: Wear Your Retainer

While retainers may seem like a nuisance, they are nothing to what you’ve already endured with braces for two to four years. Retainers have a very important job. They maintain the position of your teeth after your braces are removed. When you wear your retainers, you are providing stability for your bite and avoiding the possibility of a return to how your teeth looked before you underwent orthodontic treatment. The first six month after treatment is the most crucial period to wear your retainer at all times. After that point, they are only necessary at night. You may need to sleep with your retainer anywhere between a year and three years, but every minute will pay off each time you flash those pearly whites.

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Retainers are Extremely Important