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The Importance of Braces and the Period to Wear Them

Many people debate on the period of when they should still have their braces on, it is worth noting that the process of correcting teeth misalignment in most cases takes a long period. Orthodontists advise their patients to have their braces on for a period of not less than two years. During the initial phase, crowding is usually corrected by the removal of the teeth. It is not possible to correct teeth when there is no space between them. The orthodontist may choose to expand or to contract depending on a number of variables such as the size of the jaws, the size of the teeth and the size of the gum that is supporting the roots. The main aim of the first step is creating a room for aligning the teeth.

In cases where patients have spaces between their teeth during this initial process, the spaces are closed in this step. When a patient has some missing teeth, they might need to have the teeth on the jaw with the right number of teeth to be reduced so that they can match the jaw with the missing teeth. However, wearing of the braces should be put in a great concern as it may impact negatively on the child’s morale and self-esteem. At an early age, wearing of dental appliances should be greatly being considered before wearing of dental of braces.

Teeth misalignments may greatly lower the child’s morale and self esteem, especially when approaching adolescence. It is thus wise for a parent to correct teeth misalignment in a child before approaching the age of puberty. Also, if a jaw has extra teeth these will have to be removed too if they affect the tooth structure. When you are having your teeth removed, you should consult your dentist. Have them weigh all the available options and notify you of what to expect once some of the teeth are removed. It helps to know all the possible consequences since it will be less stressful when some of the negative effects start to kick in.

Before removing the braces, also enquire whether the problems have actually been solved as it may cause teeth removal in future. You might need to have a second and even third opinion regarding this. If removal is the only option, they should give you some options to take care of the facial structure once the teeth are removed, such as reconstructive surgery. The factor that makes patient to remove these braces includes discomfort and restriction to the type of diet they eat.

Another demerit with lingual braces is that they are not universal, up to date, there are not many orthodontists who offer lingual braces, since some of the current one’s might have to incur additional cost in looking for and commuting to a dentist who offers lingual braces procedures. Also, one might not feel really comfortable getting their braces put in by a dentist who they have no prior experience with.

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