Women’s Smile: A Lethal Weapon

OrthodonticsSmile Quote No. 24:“There Is No Weapon In the Feminine Armory to Which Men Are As Vulnerable as They Are to A Smile.”- Dorothy Dix

Dorothy Dix once said that “there is no weapon in the feminine armory to which men are as vulnerable as they are to a smile”. Although this might sound absurd, it is basically true. Most men can’t resist a girl’s smile and it might be the best path towards his heart. Although wearing a make-up can help you look beautiful and pretty, wearing a smile takes it to another level.

A smile can capture one’s heart giving warmth and comfort to it. Guys might see you beautiful outside but they can only see the real you when you smile with all your heart. Smiling doesn’t cost a thing unlike buying expensive clothing, accessories, and make-up. You don’t even need a retouch. You just need to put on that smile and everything else will fall in their places. Always remember, in order to get a man, always smile and use your natural charm.

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Women’s Smile: A Lethal Weapon