The Plus Points of having Braces

Besides Straight Teeth, What Are The Benefits Of Braces?

As baby teeth fall out and adult teeth press into the jaw, children and pre-teens are faced with misaligned teeth struggling for space. At King Orthodontics, we know that braces for kids are critical for both physical and mental development. Even adults may want to consider braces as they see their children blossom with gorgeous smiles. There are more benefits to braces than just straight teeth. Take a look behind teeth braces to see all the health benefits you and your child can enjoy.

Better Chewing Power

Your teeth are meant to grind and cut food apart with an aligned jaw action. When teeth aren’t straightened, they are also subject to improper bites. Cross, under and over bites all contribute to poor chewing action. When food isn’t chewed correctly, each swallow moves large chunks into the digestive system. Over time, the stomach and intestines may be irritated with these food pieces. Braces align the teeth and the jaw to grind food as perfectly as possible. You’ll avoid gastrointestinal problems for a lifetime.

Food Buildup and Disease

Teeth growing at an angle typically overlap other teeth, creating unnatural crevices. When you eat, food becomes lodged in these areas. A toothbrush and floss can only reach certain areas, allowing the food particles to remain stuck in the teeth. Bacteria start to feed on the sugars left by the stuck food, creating harmful plaque. With a constant supply of food particles, plaque slowly eats away at tooth enamel, contributing to periodontal diseases. Braces move the teeth into correct positions, eliminating most crevices. Normal brushing and flossing are more effective, leaving the mouth and teeth free from disease with regular dental care.

Increased Self-Awareness

People with misaligned teeth and jaws go through life being aware of the issue. They may not smile as much, affecting everyday lifestyles and communication. With braces, each smile feels perfect with aligned teeth. Self-confidence increases with many people, improving life and possibly benefiting networking needs in future careers. Aligned teeth and jaws also improve a person’s profile. Facial growth becomes more symmetrical around the jaw, forming an attractive look. Self-awareness and mental health play large parts in childhood and adult lives. That new job could be yours with a bright smile to charm everyone.

Long-Term Health

As people age, they often chip teeth from accidents or poor eating habits. If teeth stick out from misalignment, they are more prone to breaking, for example. Aligned teeth create normal forces across the surfaces during chewing and even speaking. Wear patterns aren’t uneven, contributing to tooth health for almost a lifetime. There may be no need for crowns or other dental procedures to keep the teeth functioning properly.

For any questions or concerns about braces, contact King Orthodontics. We proudly quote braces for Centerville and Fairborn, OH residents. Improve your smile for a lifetime with an effective braces treatment. From kids to adults, it’s never too late to smile beautifully.

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The Plus Points of having Braces