Revolution for Teenagers

Invisalign for Teens

So your teen has been to the orthodontist and they have been told that they need to get braces. Are they totally upset and disappointed because they don’t want to put their lives on hold due to metal braces?

Now they don’t have to be. King Orthodontics, offers Invisalign for teenagers. Invisalign Teen is the clear alternative that allows your teenager to get the perfect smile without the use of traditional metal braces. Using a series of clear, plastic aligners, the teeth are gradually moved. Invisalign for teenagers uses the same dynamic technology that is found in the traditional adult aligners.

What does an aligner look like?

The aligners are virtually invisible and resemble that of a tooth whitening tray. They are custom-made for the purpose of moving and straightening teeth. They are not easily detected when they are worn. They are similar to a contact lens on an eye. It’s like your teen is the only one that needs to know they are wearing them.

Teens lead busy lives. Let them keep it that way.

Teens (and their mouths) are always on the go it seems. Normal life doesn’t have to change because of braces. Invisalign Teen aligners are comfortable to wear and are very durable. They fit in with the busy lifestyle of a teen. They don’t need to worry about traditional braces getting in the way of extracurricular activities such as sports or band. The aligners offer very little discomfort.

They can still eat their favourite foods!

Unlike the traditional metal braces, where the patient is restricted as to what they can and cannot eat, Invisalign for teenagers virtually eliminates that rule. Because the aligners are easily removed, teens can still eat and drink whatever they would like to.

Easy oral care.

Maintaining a healthy smile is easy with Invisalign. Since the aligners are removed, dental care is simple. Brushing and flossing are easy since there are no brackets and wires to get in the way.

Benefits and advantages of wearing aligners versus metal braces.

  • Comfortable and easy to wear.
  • Clear, undetectable.
  • Oral care is easily maintained.
  • Easily snaps onto teeth.
  • Worn for two weeks, then a new set of aligners are worn.
  • Indicator so your teen knows the duration of time to wear their aligners. Typically, they wear them usually about twenty to twenty-one hours in a day for two weeks.
  • Allows for erupting or growing teeth

Would you like to know if your teenager is a candidate for Invisalign Teen? Give us a shout out at King Orthodontics. We are a leading practice that specializes in the utilization of Invisalign. Give us a call to schedule your teen’s complimentary consultation and to see if Invisalign will work to give them the healthy, perfect smile.

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Revolution for Teenagers


Floss with Perfection

flossing Words of Wisdom No.8 – Practice Flossing with Your Eyes Shut

Flossing is a vital part of your overall oral health. Flossing right after eating (especially sticky foods) can help remove the food stuck in between your teeth which may lead to tooth decay later on. Aside from brushing, flossing might be the only way to clean in between teeth. In view of this, it is important to know how to floss correctly. Using about 18 inches of floss, you need to wind it in between your two middle fingers leaving an inch or two of floss to work with. Then you need to slide it gently in an up and down motion in between your teeth.

Do not snap or force the floss as this might cause your gums to bleed and get infected. Use clean areas of the floss as you move from tooth to tooth. Following these simple steps can help you remove all the food stuck in your teeth easily. However, there’s also a very effective technique in order to floss successfully whenever and wherever you want.

Practice flossing with your eyes shut. This way, you can do a good job even if you’re at the car, at restrooms without mirrors, and anywhere if you need to floss. You can also floss while in bed, in your desk, or before an in important meeting. Buying several packs of floss and scattering them in the places where you most likely stay will compliment this skill. Being able to floss anytime and anywhere can help improve your overall oral health.

We, at King Orthodontics are certified and qualified to perform orthodontic treatments to patients. If you have problems with your smile or your overall oral health, don’t hesitate to contact King Orthodontics at our Centerville or Fairborn office.

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Floss with Perfection