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Can Braces Leave White Spots? [on Our Teeth]

The day when your braces get off gives you one of the most exciting feelings during your entire orthodontic treatment. However, this feeling can be messed up by the presence of white spots on your teeth. One common question in this field is whether braces do cause white lesions at the teeth’s surface after a successful orthodontic treatment.

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Mouth Ulcers Remedy Checklist 2017

mouth ulcers

Although using braces improves your oral health, appearance, and comfort, they can also cause temporary mouth ulcers at some point in time. Mouth ulcers appear on the lips or inner cheeks as a result of constant friction between the affected parts of your mouth and metal brackets. Fortunately, there are various ways to resolve this particular issue. Below is a comprehensive look at what you should do if you happen to get mouth ulcers during treatment. Included is how to stop the pain, prevent the development of mouth ulcers, and avoid infection.


Prevent the Development or Worsening of Mouth Ulcers

According to a leading orthodontist, having preventive options is beneficial regardless of whether or not you have already developed mouth ulcers. Some of the things listed below block the brackets from making contact with your lips and inner cheeks while others make your mouth less prone to irritation or reduce abrasion.


Use Orthodontic Wax

Applying and removing this unique wax is relatively easy. In the same way as soft beeswax, orthodontic wax is mostly available in sticks that allow you to break off bits in the required size. All you need to do is pull off a portion, warm it between your fingers, and then press it onto the abrasive brackets. You will feel the difference immediately. As opposed to rough brackets, you will end up enjoying a smooth and entirely comfortable surface. The wax also stands up to saliva because it is waterproof, which means it won’t break down quickly. However, you need to ensure you check the wax on a regular basis, replace it whenever necessary, and remove it before you brush or floss.


Stay Hydrated

If you don’t take adequate amounts of water, your saliva will diminish. Having a dry mouth worsens abrasion since it basically means that the inner cheeks and brackets will be less slippery. Apart from keeping you hydrated, sipping water on a regular basis stimulates the production of saliva. The antibacterial effect of saliva helps to keep infections from developing in ulcers that could be appearing.


Use Silicone Covers

In the same manner as orthodontic wax, silicone covers keep the brackets from making contact with your lips and inner cheeks. Silicone is bound to last a lot longer since it doesn’t break down over time. As you may well now, wax breaks down over time. However, the brackets have to be completely dry before you can apply silicone covers, which you might find inconveniencing.



Use Antiseptic Rinses

In just the same way as salt water, antiseptic rinses kill bacteria living in the mouth even though they are not nearly as cheap as salt water.


Try Rinses and Gels

Apart from forming a barrier over mouth ulcers, some products can also relieve discomfort. The barrier formed can last for more than a few hours depending on the type of rinse or gel. You will most likely find one if not more of these products at local drugstores.


Stop the Pain Caused by Ulcers

Although you should expect some discomfort, especially after wire tightening, uncontrolled ulcers can cause long-lasting pains during treatment. However, you can restore comfort and make your entire experience with braces a lot easier by taking certain steps. The solutions include systemic and topical pain relief options.


Avoid Certain Foods

A mouth ulcer is bound to hurt much more if it makes contact with something sour or spicy. You should, therefore, avoid spicy and sour foods if you have any active ulcer in your mouth. Although you may not suspect it, a significant number of foods and beverages contain high amounts of acid, including tomatoes, soda, and coffee. Remembering this fact is of vital importance.


Take Over-the-counter Pain Relievers

Many over-the-counter pain relievers are as effective at fighting the pains caused by mouth ulcers as they are at relieving headaches. Because of their anti-inflammatory effects, using these drugs also helps to speed up the healing process. As such, your mouth ulcers might heal quicker if you take over-the-counter pain relievers.


Use Topical Pain Relievers

A variety of products capable of relieving the pain caused by mouth ulcers once rubbed onto gums are currently available in drugstores. Although an orthodontist will use topical anesthesia to rub the gums before a procedure, you can source a product that acts in a similar manner from drugstores. While this solution has the potential to work surprisingly well for hours, maintaining the effects requires re-application.


Avoid Infection

Because a mouth ulcer is literally an open wound, it is prone to infection, and you will most likely experience increased levels of pain if it becomes infected, which lets you know what is happening. Although infections tend to go away on their own, they can become serious issues if they worsen. This highlights the need to take one of the following approaches immediately you notice a developing ulcer.


Rinse with Salt Water

Rinsing with salt water often works just as well for mouth ulcers as it does for sore throats. Salt is known to kill bacteria by dehydrating them. However, you will have to perform salt water rinses several times a day for them to be most effective. Mix a cup of warm water and half a teaspoon of salt to make a powerful rinse. In addition, salt water has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling, which is bound to make you a lot more comfortable if you have mouth ulcers.


Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Brushing and flossing on a daily basis is essential since it keeps bad bacteria from overgrowing in the mouth, especially if you are using braces since they often collect bacteria and food particles around the brackets. You can always get a floss threading tool if you find it hard to thread floss around. In addition, brushing after every meal during treatment minimizes the risk of infection even further.

You can use the methods listed above to quickly address a problematic mouth ulcer during treatment. In addition, you can get personalized advice from a professional orthodontist about how to prevent and treat this issue. Contact King Orthodontics at your earliest convenience and learn more about how to stay comfortable and healthy during treatment.


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Mouth Ulcer Remedy Checklist 2017

Revolution for Teenagers

Invisalign for Teens

So your teen has been to the orthodontist and they have been told that they need to get braces. Are they totally upset and disappointed because they don’t want to put their lives on hold due to metal braces?

Now they don’t have to be. King Orthodontics, offers Invisalign for teenagers. Invisalign Teen is the clear alternative that allows your teenager to get the perfect smile without the use of traditional metal braces. Using a series of clear, plastic aligners, the teeth are gradually moved. Invisalign for teenagers uses the same dynamic technology that is found in the traditional adult aligners.

What does an aligner look like?

The aligners are virtually invisible and resemble that of a tooth whitening tray. They are custom-made for the purpose of moving and straightening teeth. They are not easily detected when they are worn. They are similar to a contact lens on an eye. It’s like your teen is the only one that needs to know they are wearing them.

Teens lead busy lives. Let them keep it that way.

Teens (and their mouths) are always on the go it seems. Normal life doesn’t have to change because of braces. Invisalign Teen aligners are comfortable to wear and are very durable. They fit in with the busy lifestyle of a teen. They don’t need to worry about traditional braces getting in the way of extracurricular activities such as sports or band. The aligners offer very little discomfort.

They can still eat their favourite foods!

Unlike the traditional metal braces, where the patient is restricted as to what they can and cannot eat, Invisalign for teenagers virtually eliminates that rule. Because the aligners are easily removed, teens can still eat and drink whatever they would like to.

Easy oral care.

Maintaining a healthy smile is easy with Invisalign. Since the aligners are removed, dental care is simple. Brushing and flossing are easy since there are no brackets and wires to get in the way.

Benefits and advantages of wearing aligners versus metal braces.

  • Comfortable and easy to wear.
  • Clear, undetectable.
  • Oral care is easily maintained.
  • Easily snaps onto teeth.
  • Worn for two weeks, then a new set of aligners are worn.
  • Indicator so your teen knows the duration of time to wear their aligners. Typically, they wear them usually about twenty to twenty-one hours in a day for two weeks.
  • Allows for erupting or growing teeth

Would you like to know if your teenager is a candidate for Invisalign Teen? Give us a shout out at King Orthodontics. We are a leading practice that specializes in the utilization of Invisalign. Give us a call to schedule your teen’s complimentary consultation and to see if Invisalign will work to give them the healthy, perfect smile.

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Revolution for Teenagers

King Orthodontics

All about Orthodontic Appliances

King Orthodontics

Orthodontic Fact #2: A brace is one type of dental appliance that an orthodontist can use depending on the patient’s needs. Other appliances may be suggested to treat a specific jaw or mouth deformity.

Do I Need Braces? Not Everyone Does

If you look in the mirror and you are not happy with what you see when it comes to your smile, you may wonder if braces are the answer. With so many options available today, from clear aligners to brackets that come in a variety of colors, braces have become more appealing. However, you need to be sure that braces are exactly what you need. In order to determine if you do, consider the following reasons an orthodontist will recommend braces:

  •  You have considerable gaps between your teeth.
  •  Your teeth are crooked in appearance.
  •  You have an overbite.
  •  You have an underbite.

How Do Braces Work?

Braces are designed to apply pressure to the teeth in order to gradually shift them into the proper position. Wires and brackets, as well as rubber bands, are used to offer a steady source of pressure. The orthodontist creates a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the patient through the use of molds, x-rays, and 3D imaging. Adjustments are made periodically to change the amount of pressure and progress is monitored. Most patients wear braces for two to four years, followed by a period in which a retainer is needed. It’s important to realize that braces not only make your smile look better, they can also help you to breathe easier at night and avoid problems with your jaw, such as a TMJ disorder. There is always the chance that you have a problem with your mouth or jaw that should be treated with various appliances. For example, a splint or mouth guard could resolve issues that have caused a misalignment of your jaw. Be aware however that only an orthodontist can determine the best route of treatment.

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For the best orthodontics call King Orthodontics today to set up a consultation. It is time to find out if braces are the answer for you.

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All about Orthodontic Appliances

The world of colors

Contrasting Colors: Working like Magic

The world of colorsWords of Wisdom No.10 – “Conceal with Color“

Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to make your teeth look whiter instantly? For ladies, there’s actually a good way to do so. Did you know that wearing medium coral or light red lipstick can make your teeth look whiter rather than yellowish? If not, you should try wearing dark colored lipsticks as they can conceal the real color of your teeth. Lighter lipsticks on the other hand tend to bring out the yellowish or dark color of your teeth so you should try to avoid these colors if you want your teeth to look whiter – instantly.

Aside from concealing the real color of your teeth, there are actually other ways in order to make them whiter permanently. One way is to gargle with apple cider vinegar as the vinegar can remove the stains on your teeth therefore making them whiter overtime. The other way is to use baking soda just as you use toothpaste once every week. It has the same effect with apple cider vinegar. Aside from these two mentioned above, you could also buy over-the-counter bleaching agents or ask your dentist for a prescribed one (to acquire the best suited agent for your case).

Furthermore, since prevention is always better than cure, try avoiding colored drinks and foods. These actually stain your mouth hence you should put in mind that anything colored you put in your mouth could probably stain your teeth. Examples of colored drinks are sodas, coffee, and dark juices which most people drink throughout their day.

The staff at King Orthodontics is certified and qualified to perform orthodontic treatments on patients. If you have problems with your smile or your overall oral health, don’t hesitate to contact us at either Centerville or Fairborn offices.

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Contrasting Colors: Working like Magic

The Five Warning Signs

How to tell that your Child, Teen, or Adult Needs Braces

People of all ages get braces every single day. If you are wondering whether you or your child could benefit from braces, there are five specific signs to look for when it comes to making this decision. Whether you choose to go with clear braces or the more traditional metal ones, having this type of work done can be a great boost to your confidence or your child’s self-esteem.

1. Crooked Teeth:

One of the most obvious signs for needing braces would be crooked or misaligned teeth. Some people’s teeth are worse than others, but it is pretty easy to tell if a child, teen or adult could use braces to straighten out their own teeth. Crooked teeth can hinder a person’s self-esteem, so this is definitely the first sign to look for if you’re considering braces for yourself or your child.

2. Overbite or Underbite:

Having an overbite or underbite can be corrected with proper orthodontic work. Also, braces will be able to correct this issue further once they are placed on. Your orthodontist will be able to see the best course of action to take if you or your child has this issue.

3. Low Self-Esteem:

Having crooked teeth or major orthodontic issues can lead to lowered self-esteem, making a person feel badly about their appearance. Many people who get orthodontic work done do so because they want to improve their smile. If you’re wondering what are clear braces, this specific type is ideal for those who want to get braces but do not want to have them seen.

4. Teeth Not Being Cared For Properly:

When the teeth are horribly misaligned, it can sometimes be difficult for a person to care for them properly. For example, crooked teeth can make it difficult for a person to clean in between those teeth, even if they’re using flossing tools. If you’ve been asking yourself, “Do I Need Braces?” this is definitely one of the reasons to get them.

5. Crowding:

One issue that a lot of people deal with when it comes to their teeth is not so much the crooked teeth, but the fact that their teeth are very crowded. The problem with crowding is that it can cause teeth to chip and break, causing massive dental issues down the road. Crowded teeth do not allow for much movement or for more teeth to come in, and this is a big problem for kids and teens.

If you feel that braces are a good option for you or your child, King Orthodontics is able to provide you with the consultation that you need. Whether you choose to get clear braces or traditional braces, there are many options available to you. For those living in Centerville or Fairborn, it is nice to know that you can set up an appointment for a consultation to see if braces are the best option for you, your teen or even your child.

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The Five Warning Signs


Floss with Perfection

flossing Words of Wisdom No.8 – Practice Flossing with Your Eyes Shut

Flossing is a vital part of your overall oral health. Flossing right after eating (especially sticky foods) can help remove the food stuck in between your teeth which may lead to tooth decay later on. Aside from brushing, flossing might be the only way to clean in between teeth. In view of this, it is important to know how to floss correctly. Using about 18 inches of floss, you need to wind it in between your two middle fingers leaving an inch or two of floss to work with. Then you need to slide it gently in an up and down motion in between your teeth.

Do not snap or force the floss as this might cause your gums to bleed and get infected. Use clean areas of the floss as you move from tooth to tooth. Following these simple steps can help you remove all the food stuck in your teeth easily. However, there’s also a very effective technique in order to floss successfully whenever and wherever you want.

Practice flossing with your eyes shut. This way, you can do a good job even if you’re at the car, at restrooms without mirrors, and anywhere if you need to floss. You can also floss while in bed, in your desk, or before an in important meeting. Buying several packs of floss and scattering them in the places where you most likely stay will compliment this skill. Being able to floss anytime and anywhere can help improve your overall oral health.

We, at King Orthodontics are certified and qualified to perform orthodontic treatments to patients. If you have problems with your smile or your overall oral health, don’t hesitate to contact King Orthodontics at our Centerville or Fairborn office.

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Floss with Perfection


The Dietary Path to White Teeth


Word of Wisdom No. 1: “Go On a White-Teeth Diet”

Have you ever wondered why your teeth keep getting darker or yellowish despite all your efforts of treating it? You may have tried some bleaching toothpaste or creams but they seem not to work with your problems at all. If you’re always drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, or sipping dark colored drinks, then don’t expect for your medications to work immediately or to work at all. Colored drinks and even colored foods can actually make your teeth yellowish or dark. It may seem impossible for you to stop drinking or eating them but there are ways in order to minimize their effects.

The best way to whiten your teeth of course is to stop or reduce your consumption of dark colored drinks or foods. However, if there are times when you really need to consume them, then you can do so but make sure you brush your teeth right after consuming them. If it’s possible for you to avoid colas, gravies, and dark juices, then it’s better to do so. The point is that every time you put something in your mouth which is colored, it’s probably going to stain your teeth. Brushing immediately after consuming colored drinks or foods can also be followed by bleaching the teeth. Bleaching agents can be found over-the-counter or they can also be prescribed by your dentist.

Don’t let ignorance affect how your teeth look. Always put in mind that knowing these facts can help you improve your overall oral health and can also help you save a lot of money.

King Orthodontics is certified and qualified to perform orthodontic treatments to patients in Fairborn and Centerville. If you have problems with your smile or your overall oral health, don’t hesitate to contact King Orthodontics today.

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The Dietary Path to White Teeth

Avoid Teeth Extraction through Orthodontic Expanders

Is it possible to use Orthodontic Expanders on the Lower Teeth and Avoid Extractions?


Most patients dislike having their teeth removed as part of the orthodontic treatment. However, it is a scientific fact that some mouths are too small to have enough room for 32 teeth. In fact, a study shows that when we count wisdom teeth, it is only less than 15% of Americans who manage to keep their 32 teeth. When an orthodontist offers an option of expanding the upper arch, as an alternative to extractions, most parents feel relieved. Is it possible to use expanders for lower arch too?

According to the anatomy of the lower arch, it allows the usage of palatal expanders as the mid palatal suture. Among the children who are below the age of 15 years, suture growth is usually immature and flexible to stretch. If the child still has his or her  soft cartilage, then is it very possible to separate the two halves slowly by a series of small activations. Among patients who are still growing, there is a gap that develops a between the upper first two teeth, which is a clear sign that the suture has been opened.

The greatest problem of using an expander in the lower arch of the teeth is the fact the teeth lack suture close to them, and it is impossible to expand. The lower jaw has two growth plates. They are usually located in the lower joints and not down by the teeth. If any expansion is done on the lower side, this is strictly tooth movement. If there is sufficient bone and gum around the roots, this does not have a problem. There are terms that orthodontists use when they want to describe the expansion of teeth in the lower arch. “Up righting” is the term used if the teeth are inwardly tipped. On the other hand, “Flaring” is the term that they use if the teeth are already upright and they needed to get pushed over the edge of the bone.

There are so many methods that are used to flare or upright in the lower jaw, in order to rectify the crowding disorder. Sagittal appliances are used by some orthodontists and others use lip bumpers. Some doctors make use of a wire that has a spring on it, and place it behind the teeth. There are also instances where banded expanders that have jackscrews are used, just like those commonly used in the upper arch.

The best tip that helps to align teeth is the understanding that results will always be the same regardless of the method used. The wires and springs that are threaded to bring the teeth appear  closer to each other are additional expenses in the treatment of the lower arch. The main point that should be understood is that if you wish to resolve crowding in the lower arch, extractions or tipping of the teeth are the only available options. The nature of the bone and gums of the lower arch are key factors that affect the decision to expand or extract.

Please feel free to consult  King Orthodontics so that you know if you have enough bone to facilitate flaring, if you do not want to remove your teeth. Contact us today!

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Avoid Teeth Extraction through Orthodontic Expanders

Always Hope for the Best Results

I want to have a Perfect Smile When my Braces get off!

King Ortho

dragon762w (moved to 500px) via Compfight cc

After a long experience in the field of orthodontics, I have been treating patients who start with crooked and crowded teeth, multiple crowns, bad bites as well as restorations throughout their mouths. After long periods of treatment, the desired results are achieved and the patients end up being very happy. The use of braces helps me to accomplish all that I could, especially rectifying the serious orthodontic conditions of some patients. Braces have helped me to resolve teeth crowding, alignment and correction of bites. In most cases, I am very surprised and contented with the results. However, some patients are not happy with the treatment. I have dealt with a patient who grabbed a plastic model of teeth and said that she wanted to have such a perfect smile when she removed her brace. In this article, I would like my patients to understand the reasons why all completed orthodontic treatments cannot be perfect.

The way a smile looks like after the completion of an orthodontic treatment depends on so many factors. Some of these factors are within the control of the orthodontist, while other factors depend on the level of cooperation of the patient. However, there are some  other factors that are beyond the control of both the patients and their orthodontist. Such factors include genetics. The discussion below shows how these factors will affect your final smile.

Role of an Orthodontist

Your orthodontist has a very important role in shaping your final smile. This is by the nature of the treatment used to treat you as well as key decisions of the orthodontist during the treatment process. Some of these decisions include whether to remove a tooth or not, the replacement of missing teeth, or whether to surgically reposition the jaws or work with them at their locations. The experience and skill of the doctor is  paramount aspect in determining how your teeth will be moved to their final position.

Role of the Patient

As a patient, you also have a big role in shaping your final smile. For example, a patient is supposed to follow the recommendations of the doctor to surgically remove the teeth or to surgically reposition his or her  jaws or even to remove crowded teeth. A patient is also supposed to attend all the appointments of the practitioner if he or she wishes to get the best results. Even if the orthodontist you choose to get treatment from has the world’s best treatment plan, it is not possible to get the desired result without the cooperation of the patients.

Role of Patient’s Body Anatomy

Even when the patients and the orthodontists follow all their requirements in the treatment process, there are some elements that they cannot control. One of those elements is how the body responds to treatment. In some cases, the teeth may not cooperate, even after your doctor has used the best treatment plan, and you have been fully cooperative. In some instances, the muscles and habits of a patient may work against the forces that the braces provide in order to correct your smile.

Other aspects that will affect the final shape of your smile are the size of your jaws and the shape of your teeth. I hope you now know that it is not the responsibility of an orthodontist to get you a perfect smile. There are other many factors beyond his or her control!

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Always Hope for the Best Results