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What is the average price of aesthetic/ceramic braces?

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Gazing into the mirror with your little one, you realize that his or her teeth are not quite straight or perhaps the dentist told you that at your last visit. Whatever the case may be, you want to help your child rejuvenate his or her smile, so you’ve scheduled an appointment with King Orthodontics.

Understanding Aesthetic/Ceramic Braces

Several different types of braces exist, and ultimately, the orthodontist will let you know which ones are available for your child. Aesthetic or ceramic braces present a possibility. These braces are generally not visible to people. For children who don’t want the world to see their braces or for adults who are opting to get braces at a later age, this type presents a suitable alternative to the traditional metal braces. However, you are probably worried about how much they are going to cost you, especially in comparison to traditional braces.

The Average Costs

Depending upon where you go, where you live and other elements, the exact price of aesthetic or ceramic braces is going to vary. Everyone wants affordable braces, but even the definition of affordable varies from person to person. Most estimates put these types of braces in the $6,000 range, but that figure can vary upward or downward by a couple, or even a few, thousand dollars. Consulting with an orthodontist is crucial to truly knowing how much you would have to spend on braces for your child’s unique situation.

Influencing Factors

While the average cost of braces at your orthodontist and in your area is going to have a major effect on how much these braces cost, so will other factors. For example, some children need braces only on the top or only on the bottom, so you wouldn’t pay as much as for a full set. The cost can also go up if you and your child are not properly taking care of the braces. If something breaks, then the braces could cost more money in repairs. The longer your child has braces, the more likely these repairs might be; therefore, the length of time that your child will have braces can affect the overall costs.

Paying for Braces

When facing a sum of several thousand dollars, many wonder how they are going to afford the price tag attached to braces. Yet they know that these braces are a necessity for their children. You should first find out if the practice takes your dental insurance and how much of the braces will be covered. In the event that you are unable to have the braces covered by insurance, find out if payment plans are offered. Paying several thousand dollars broken down over the months is generally less challenging than making one lump sum payment.

Ultimately, the exact price that you’re going to pay for your child’s braces depends upon a number of factors. To work toward getting a price quote, schedule an appointment with King Orthodontics today.

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Cermaic Braces


Cost of Braces

How Much Do Traditional Metal Braces Cost?

Going for orthodontic treatment can be a good way to straighten teeth and give a person a nice confidence boost because of the way that their new smile looks. If you are considering braces for yourself or your teen, you might be interested in what the cost happens to be like. The cost of orthodontic treatment really depends on a variety of different factors. In general, traditional metal braces can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000 depending on the severity of the teeth and the amount of work that they need.

Factors to Consider with Cost:

There are several different factors that you should consider if you’re thinking about the overall cost of getting braces for yourself or a child. These factors can be the difference between affordable braces and ones that you will have to pay for completely out of your own pocket.

  1. Different types of braces. The specific type of braces that you choose to go for will decipher the cost that you’ll be paying to get them. For example, traditional metal braces tend to be more affordable, while invisible braces can be more expensive than other types.
  2.  The amount of work needed. Some people need more orthodontic treatment than others, and this will also factor in with the cost of the work itself. If a person first needs a lot of treatment before braces can even be put on, this is something that will increase the costs.
  3.  Insurance. If you have orthodontic or dental insurance, some or even all of the work might be covered by your provider. Many insurance providers will cover about 50% of orthodontic work, so this is definitely going to bring the price down for you if you choose to have the work done.

Affordable Braces

Braces can be easily affordable for those who are afraid of the price. Having your options open as to the different types of braces can help to decrease the amount of money that you spend for this type of work. Even if you want invisible braces, your insurance provider can cover part of these costs for you. Having dental insurance is going to help you to pay for this type of treatment and make it a lot less expensive in the long run.

The best thing for you to do is to contact King Orthodontics and set up an appointment for a consultation. During the consultation, our orthodontists will be able to tell you how much the work is going to cost, and what type of work is going to need to be done to obtain that beautiful smile. Whether you’re going for braces for yourself or you have a child who needs them, affordable braces can be a reality. King Orthodontics will be able to help you get the braces that you deserve and can afford all at the same time. With the added advantage of having offices in Centerville and Fairborn, we have given you some reasons as to why it is a good idea to set up an appointment with us.

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Cost of Braces