The world of colors

Contrasting Colors: Working like Magic

The world of colorsWords of Wisdom No.10 – “Conceal with Color“

Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to make your teeth look whiter instantly? For ladies, there’s actually a good way to do so. Did you know that wearing medium coral or light red lipstick can make your teeth look whiter rather than yellowish? If not, you should try wearing dark colored lipsticks as they can conceal the real color of your teeth. Lighter lipsticks on the other hand tend to bring out the yellowish or dark color of your teeth so you should try to avoid these colors if you want your teeth to look whiter – instantly.

Aside from concealing the real color of your teeth, there are actually other ways in order to make them whiter permanently. One way is to gargle with apple cider vinegar as the vinegar can remove the stains on your teeth therefore making them whiter overtime. The other way is to use baking soda just as you use toothpaste once every week. It has the same effect with apple cider vinegar. Aside from these two mentioned above, you could also buy over-the-counter bleaching agents or ask your dentist for a prescribed one (to acquire the best suited agent for your case).

Furthermore, since prevention is always better than cure, try avoiding colored drinks and foods. These actually stain your mouth hence you should put in mind that anything colored you put in your mouth could probably stain your teeth. Examples of colored drinks are sodas, coffee, and dark juices which most people drink throughout their day.

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Contrasting Colors: Working like Magic