Celebrity’s Orthodontic Journey #7: Nicolas Cage

adult orthodonticsThe loveable punk Nicolas Cage took many years to eventually find the time for orthodontia treatment

Audiences met Nicolas Cage in “Valley Girl” where he was the loveable punk meeting the squeaky-clean teenage dream girl. This awkward role suited him as he slowly became one of Hollywood’s top talents. However, his teeth weren’t perfectly straight when he first started out. It took many years for him to eventually find the time for orthodontia treatment, such as the King Orthodontics in Centerville.

Hidden Beneath an Overbite

Nicolas Cage got away with no orthodontia treatment for many years because he had an overbite. The top teeth were relatively straight, making it appear that his entire mouth was symmetrical. However, the top teeth covered the crooked lower teeth that were difficult to clean at times. Cage’s smile worked for him because he also opted for alternative roles that demanded an imperfect smile. As he grew older, the teeth were probably more of an annoyance to care for than a positive part of his acting career.

Only Bottom Teeth

The press and many of Cage’s acquaintances didn’t even know he had braces. He only had the lower braces installed, taking advantage of his overbite to cover the treatment. It’s possible he kept his overbite untouched because it was such an integral part of his movie star look. His main concern was probably tooth care because crooked teeth are hard to brush and floss, possibly contributing to cavities and gum disease.

Timing it Perfectly

Similar to Tom Cruise, Cage was almost in his 40s when he had his braces installed. Because his jaw wasn’t developing anymore, the treatment was relatively rapid. When he was in-between projects, he had them installed to get the treatment out of the way. This strategy is used by many celebrities to avoid marring a character that wouldn’t otherwise have braces.

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Celebrity’s Orthodontic Journey #7: Nicolas Cage