Smile more to attract more [Debasish Mridha]

As we age, our teeth can begin doing weird things, like become a bit crooked, overlap, spread apart and move forward, depending on our jaw or even a muscle in front of our mouth. That leaves us with an imperfect smile and sometimes, a loss of self-confidence.

smile more

What most people beyond the age of 40 don’t realize is that any smile can be significantly improved, especially after age 20. Your orthodontist can examine your mouth thoroughly and see if you are a good candidate for modern braces.

More Selfies, Please

Social media is so popular these days, that if you lack a presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you’re living in the Dark Ages. Your smile is something you wear every day and take along with you wherever you go. When it comes to the internet and selfies, your smile is the feature people most want to see. If you’re in the dating market, your smile is also the number one feature that attracts a new potential partner, according to several surveys. No, not the breasts, but your smile is tops, and that’s refreshing to know.

Invisalign For Best Makeover

You can plump up your lips with injections of filler and develop a plastic-looking trout pout, but seriously, a natural, pretty smile with straight teeth speaks volumes. It’s possibly the most appealing makeover you can invest in. Invisalign is a wonderful and modern way to wear braces. That’s why Hollywood beauties wear them discreetly. These clear, comfortable, plastic aligners are almost invisible. Katy Perry has worn clear braces on many a red carpet. Only her orthodontist knows for sure.

Orthodontist in Dayton, Ohio

Don’t just dream about a lovely smile with straight teeth. Trust your instinct. Visit the Invisalign experts at King Orthodontics now. A straight smile is within your reach. Contact us here.

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Smile more to attract more [Debasish Mridha]

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