Six Month Smiles Orthodontic Treatment Explained

Does the Six Month Smiles Orthodontic Treatment Actually Work?

All patients are looking for the absolute quickest way that they can undergo orthodontic treatment to get the perfect smile. Orthodontics has changed dramatically even over the past decade and there are now more treatment options available to patients than ever before. The idea of large metal braces with headgear is a notion that is disappearing for many patients because of these new treatment options. Perhaps one of the most promising orthodontic treatments that has come out recently is the six month smile treatment.


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Six month smile is advertised as being a cheaper and faster form of orthodontic treatment that can really work in just six months time. The six month smiles system is essentially a set of braces in a box that can be provided to any dentist who is willing to attend a two-day seminar. Unlike some other forms of orthodontic treatment the six-month smile treatment requires only minimal training. Each of the six-month smile kits will contain similar materials and the braces are simply built on appointment using a special mouthpiece, brackets and wires.

Six-month smiles can actually work to move teeth and make improvements to someones smile but it may not always be a full substitute for regular braces or traditional forms of orthodontic treatment.

The main disadvantage from six month smiles is that it can be provided by dentists who are not certified in orthodontics. A trained orthodontist will be able to provide solutions and treatment options that can give you the perfect smile where as six month smiles is just designed to make improvements and generally for cases that require only a bit of treatment.

It can allow you to see some great progress in six months but it may not be able to correct some of the more difficult issues in a smile. An orthodontist with years of experience and training will be able to provide a treatment option that can give you your dream smile rather than make just a few corrections.

For fixing mild alignment problems with front teeth however the six-month smiles treatment is very effective and very quick. Unlike using traditional braces six-month smiles allows patients that need minimal improvements to get access to treatment much more cost effectively and also ensures that their treatment is kept very short at just six-months.

If you would like to learn more about the six-month smiles orthodontic treatment or learn if this is a treatment option that would be effective for you, please call King Orthodontics in Centerville or Fairborn for a free consultation today.

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Six Month Smiles Orthodontic Treatment Explained

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