Tooth Extraction Side Effects Checklist 2017

This is a question that many people ask themselves when a dentist notifies them that they need to have some of their teeth removed. They fear that they might ruin the aesthetics of their face. Though this might happen, the effect is rarely visible, especially if it is done by a professional.



The dentist will have to study the structure of the teeth and the jaws really carefully. They have to know which teeth are on the vital points of the jaw, and which ones offer support to the facial features. They will try and gauge how best to remove the teeth so that they cannot affect the facial structure. Here are some of the more serious medical issues that come up as a result of removing teeth.

  • Infection – This is messy. Bacteria or food in the hole left by the extraction will become infected. The area of extraction naturally swells, but too much is a sign of infection, also bleeding gums and fever can occur. Consult the dentist immediately.
  • Jaw Pain – Inflammation is normal but it does lead to other issues. Post-anesthetic discomfort and the inability to open your mouth wide are common.
  • Nerve damage – Sometimes the nerves are damaged during the removal process. Numbness is apparent for up to three months after the extraction and on rare occasions permanent.
  • Fracture – This is more common the older aged patients and is due to there being to much pressure applied during the extraction.
  • Dry socket – This is a serious issue. Caused by a blood clot dislodging or failing to form completely. This is a painful problem and can only be treated by a dentist and should be done so in quick time.



Aesthetic Issues

  • Wrinkles – This happens is the reduction in the jaw due to the missing teeth. Once there is a reduction, the skin will tend to sag and begin to develop wrinkles. Luckily, there are some firming and anti-ageing creams that will settle this.
  • The appearance of my face – If many teeth are removed, there is a noticeable shrinking of the face, especially if only one region of the face shrinks, which will end up damaging the asymmetry of the face.
  • Will my teeth drift – When one of the teeth is pulled out, there will be a gap left. If the tooth was a molar or a premolar, there will be a slight pressure on the teeth, especially when it comes to chewing. Some of the teeth will succumb to the pressure and begin to drift towards the gap.


Check First

Also, enquire whether it is really necessary to have the teeth removed. You might need to have a second and even third opinion regarding this. If removal is the only way, options to take care of the facial structure once the teeth are removed, such as reconstructive surgery are discussed.



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Tooth Extraction Side Effects Checklist 2017

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