Life is BETTER when you’re SMILING! ― Karen McNair Gibbs

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Everyone has a daily choice about their facial expression, and Karen McNair Gibbs believes that life is better for anyone when they are smiling. If you want to smile but feel embarrassed about misaligned teeth, then it is time to schedule an evaluation with an orthodontist. It is important for parents to bring a child to an orthodontic facility when their permanent teeth begin to erupt from their gum tissue. Waiting until a child is a teenager is not necessary because early orthodontic treatment is often faster. Young children needing an orthodontic device must wear braces instead of Invisalign aligners, but teenagers and adults with mild malocclusions can wear removable aligners.

Braces for Adults

Some children and teenagers are happy about visiting an orthodontist and getting braces for their teeth because many of their friends have the devices. However, you may have a child who resists the idea of wearing braces. It is important to remember that two to four years seems forever for a child when they require braces, but if you explain the importance of straight teeth, then they often change their minds about the process. As a parent, if you have gaps between your teeth, then you can set a good example by deciding to wear Invisalign aligners or traditional braces.

Schedule an Appointment

The residents of Ohio are lucky to have King Orthodontics to visit because it is a family-operated practice that has served patients since the 1950s. Today, there are two professionals ready to assist you with orthodontic treatment:

• Dr. Jack King
• Dr. Sam King

In addition, patients can choose between two King Orthodontics offices located in:

• Centerville
• Fairborn

After a thorough examination at King Orthodontics, you will know if one of these types of braces is the correct one for your malocclusions.

• Ceramic
• Invisalign
• Gold

Call today to schedule an appointment.

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