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What is Invisalign?

This modern orthodontic procedure has taken the world by storm. It allows the user to remove the bracing to eat food and clean teeth. It does this by way of removable aligners. Which you replace every two weeks until done.




We offer the popular option of Invisalign & Invisalign Teen. We know how important it can be for teenagers to improve their smile without a mouth full of metal. Drs. Sam and Jack King are ranked as an Invisalign Premier Provider and have an excellent track record in the field and of course, the latest state of the art equipment to treat adults and teens alike.




DR SAM KING – After receiving my D.D.S. at O.S.U., and I then gained acceptance to the Ivy League orthodontic residency at the University of Pennsylvania. I completed a three-year residency in orthodontics and received my Masters of Science in Oral Biology. During that time, I also took additional training in facial and dental esthetics and function and completed the two-year course at the Roth-Williams Advanced Education in Orthodontics Program.

DR JACK KING – I grew up in Dayton, Ohio and attended The Ohio State University undergraduate school and dental school. I served as a Dental Officer in the Navy and was attached to the Marine Corps in Vietnam and California. Upon returning to OSU, I completed my two-year full-time residency in orthodontics. After my orthodontic training, I returned to Dayton to join my father, Dr. Ben King, and his partners, Dr. Mel Mayerson and Dr. Bob Stump in practice.


Want to Know the Best Part?

Treating mild to severe cases, Invisalign offers many practical advantages over traditional braces. These include:

  • Less dietary restrictions
  • Easier maintenance of proper oral hygiene leading to a healthier smile
  • Increased comfort because the smooth plastic aligners are not damaging to the tissues
  • Less speech disturbance
  • In addition, the aligners won’t interfere with playing a musical instrument and they’re also safe to wear while playing sports and being active


Along with providing comfort and aesthetics, Invisalign Teen treatment fits perfectly into busy schedules. Drs. Sam and Jack King are awarded Premier Provider status by Invisalign which ranks them amongst the top of the orthodontic expert level to consult and treat patients with the aligner system. You are in great hands when you visit Kings Orthodontics.


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Invisalign Provider Near Me


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