Invisalign is used in order to correct the positions of the teeth over time by inducing slight pressure to move them. Since Invisalign is clear, they are hardly noticed even when smiling or talking. Aside from that, patients can also remove them while eating, brushing, or cleaning the appliances themselves. Invisalign will have to be worn from 20 to 22 hours per day in order to yield the maximum effects and stick to the treatment’s duration plan. Aligners are replaced once every two weeks as they are made based on the stages simulated by the Align Technology. Invisalign in different stages vary in shape and pressure applied to your teeth thus changing them regularly is required to achieve the desired results.

How is Invisalign made?

Undergoing treatment with the use of Invisalign is done by first evaluating the patient’s teeth. Dental impression systems are then used in order to acquire the patients’ teeth impressions which will be sent to Align Technology as a basis for creating your Invisalign.

Once all the details are sent, three-dimensional simulations are used to predict the movement and placement of the teeth while undergoing the treatment. Hence, the Invisalign made in every stage will be based on these models.

Before sending the go signal for molding the Invisalign appliances, orthodontists first check the simulations and make the necessary revisions to achieve the desired result with the least turnaround time. The checking is done online through Align Technology’s system and once the Invisalign is created, they will be sent over to your orthodontist and set to your teeth.

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