What is iBracesHelp App?

iBracesHelp AppiBraceshelp app is a smartphone application that provides useful information about braces, how to take care of them, emergency measures, and other guides that current and future patients may need. Pictures, videos, 3D simulations, and other ways to represent data and instructions about what to do when experiencing problems with your braces are also included in this application. Aside from that, this application helps you search for the right orthodontist in your area. By going over to Orthodontics Links, you are presented with range of choices for clinics offering the best case and treatment possible in your area. Orthodontics facts and braces FAQ are also available in this application in order to provide guidance to the users when it comes to braces, teeth misalignment problems, and possible alternatives.

Comfort tips, home care tips, and terminology section are also great especially for those who are not yet familiar with braces and their purpose. The terminology section helps users understand the language used when it comes to oral health and orthodontics. Thus, you can better communicate with your dentist and understand what your dentist is telling you.

Acquiring iBracesHelp App

iBracesHelp App In order to acquire iBraceshelp app, you will need to have iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch first. Once you have these devices, the next requirement is for them to have at least iOS 4.2 (operating system version) or later. If you don’t know the current version you are using, simply go to the “Settings” app on your device. Select the “General” option and then select the “About” option at the top of the list. Scroll down until you reach the Version Entry which will then indicate the current version you are using.

If your device is not running the latest version of iOS, you can update it by going to the “Settings” app and selecting “General” option. Once you’re there, select “Software Updates” and you phone’s OS version will be automatically updated. Just make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi and power source before doing so.

After making sure you have all the requirements for iBraceshelp app, you can now download it for free in iTunes.

Benefits of iBracesHelp App

The iBraceshelp app can be useful to you in many ways especially in emergency cases. Easy instructions to follow the step by step troubleshooting procedures in case your braces are lost or damaged are provided in this application. Steps on how to alleviate pain and discomforts can also be found using the iBraceshelp app. Since videos and photos are provided, it will be easier for the users to understand the instructions and follow them correctly. A good way of learning more about your treatment is also to research for related guides in orthodontics. Once you have a broader knowledge regarding your current or future treatment, it will be easier for you to manage your expectations and cooperate with your orthodontist accordingly.

Prepared and knowledgeable patients are easier to handle and they can also participate in the treatment plans actively since they are aware of the possible treatment, duration, and risks when it comes to the procedure. As the iBraceshelp app also offers step by step process on how to adjust braces as deemed necessary, patients will be able to handle themselves in tough situations wherein the help of the orthodontist is not available for the moment.

Cleaning and caring tips are also included in the package of course as they are very important in order to maintain overall oral health and make sure that your treatment is proceeding according to plans by not damaging or losing your appliances.

iBracesHelp App