Five Tips To Take Care Of Your Braces

Five tips in caring for your braces during orthodontic treatment

When you get braces you may have heard that it’s important to take care of your orthodontic appliance through the course of the treatment so that you don’t hinder your treatment or risk the condition of your oral health.

There are some great tips that you can follow to make sure that you don’t experience any issues in your oral health or extend the length of your treatment when you have braces. Here are some of the top five tips for caring for your braces during orthodontic treatment.

1. Eating friendly foods:

You have to accept that there are simply some foods that you need to avoid when you get braces. Foods that are extremely hard, chewy or sticky can be very difficult and can add months to your treatment time. Some common foods to avoid include gum, nuts, chips, hard candies, soft breads and more.

Getting some of these food particles stuck in your braces can lead to issues like cavities and can damage your braces which will mean you’ll need to wear them even longer or potentially even get them repaired. This is why avoiding these foods is so imperative especially during treatment time.

2. You need to use your elastics:

Elastics are absolutely required through treatment as they are the forces that can move your teeth into their correct position. If you are unable to take the time to adjust your elastics or use elastics constantly under braces you simply won’t be putting any pressure or force on your teeth meaning that they will move much slower and will extend the length of your treatment. Wearing the correct size elastics and carrying extras with you is very important. Avoiding wearing elastics for even one day could ruin your progress and move your teeth back into their original positions.

3. Flossing:

This is absolutely required to make sure that you remove any of the food that can get stuck in your braces and between your teeth. Flossing can remove debris that your toothbrush simply can’t.

4. Brushing:

Regular brushing is absolutely required even when you have braces. Any types of braces or even removable appliances need to be brushed after every meal. You need to take extra care when you have braces to make sure that you don’t damage your appliance but it is very important that you take the proper time to brush to remove any food and debris from your mouth.

5. Check your braces for damage:

Something as simple as a damaged wire can lead to major discomfort as well as set your progress back. Make sure that you get it fixed immediately.

If you’d like to learn more tips for caring for your braces or require an appointment contact King Orthodontics in Centerville or Fairborn today.

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Five Tips To Take Care Of Your Braces

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