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Are Fast-Braces Dangerous? [The Facts]

The new innovative technology of fast-braces allows for the movement of teeth at the root level towards the correct position. The technology behind fast-braces is effective enough to enable faster results that can be witnessed within weeks or months, compared to years. There are two types of fast-braces that your orthodontist can guide you on; they are Classic Series and Turbo series.

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How Fast Braces Work?

People who have crooked teeth usually have their teeth either growing in a sideways manner or in a slightly tilted way. This process starts from the root of the tooth that is planted at an angle. Fast-braces target the root of the tooth with the intention of leveling to a straight position when the root shifts also shift to a straight position.

To make this happen, a special super-elastic nickel titanium square wire is used to apply pressure to the root of the tooth until it gets to the upright position. Fast brace technology helps to shift the crown of the tooth and its root in position at the same time.

In old-braces, the square shape does not provide enough room between each tooth. But if you replace the square-braces with triangular ones, the distance doubles, which brings about the flexibility of the wire to increase eight times over. Now, with fast-braces technology, a square can be engaged comfortably between braces to start the treatment process for the root to be in upright position. This allows for the treatment process to reduce to between 3 months to a year.

Differences Between Fast and Traditional

There are processes that we would like to increase the time to achieve results without compromising on quality. It would be great if one of these processes is applied in orthodontic treatments, to straighten the teeth. Fast-braces achieves this result. Fast-braces are modern treatments appreciated by many people who have undertaken the treatment and witnessing results in a matter of months. It might be fair to state the difference between fast-braces and traditional-braces for those of us who are familiar with one treatment over the other. The primary differences are:

  • A short treatment period of between 3 months and one year to achieve straight teeth.
  • An affordable option compared to traditional-braces because of their short treatment time.
  • Movement of the crown and roots at the same time during treatment.

Basically, the cause of the difference between the two treatments lies in their structures. In fast brace technology, the structure is made of self-ligating brackets that do not require an extra wire or elastic band to hold them in position.

The brackets in fast-braces have an embedded sliding process for the teeth to straighten out much faster to the desired position. Additionally, they reduce the tendency of friction taking place between the bracket and the wire, decreasing the necessity of constantly going for checkups. The non-conventional triangular design of the braces efficiently lessens the resistance of the jaw bone, to allow for a more comfortable shift rate.


Who Can use Fast-Braces?

Anyone can actually request for fast brace treatment options. You only need a certified fast brace orthodontist to help you determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment. Schedule an appointment for a consultation session, to determine if you are eligible for the fast-braces.


Do You Need to Wear a Retainer?

Retention is necessary every day for about 20 minutes with a complete teeth alignment. There are those who prefer wearing the retainer at night, but most importantly, retainers should not be worn for hours after treatment is done. Fast brace technology is changing the way orthodontic treatment is approached, that is why retainers are used at a minimal.


Benefits of Fast-Braces

There several benefits of fast-braces which include:

  • A comfortable process

Although there is a fast treatment method, most people have reported that the fast-braces do not cause any discomfort. There are patients who have suggested that it is a far more comfortable treatment compared to traditional-braces. Imagine a wire that is flexible enough to bend and move as the teeth moves, compared to a rigid wire frame that is firm. It is without a doubt that the flexible nature and the structural components of fast-braces make it a comfortable treatment option.

  • It is discreet

Fast-braces are seen as a discreet treatment method compared to the traditional-braces that are large, visible, and they stand out. Since fast-braces have a triangular structure, they take less space on the structure of the foot. Making the brackets to be slightly hidden, compared to regular braces.


The Treatment Method is Fast

The biggest benefit is how they can easily come off. Straightening procedures usually require patients that can span from 18 months to 2.5 years. This can be challenging for patients who have busy schedules, or those who have tight schedules and they are aware of their presentation to the public.

Are Fast-Braces Safe?

Fast-braces are a safe alternative because they have been in development for over 20 years. With constant testing and improvements over the years. Fast-braces are a safe and quick treatment that patients can attest to.


Are There Side Effects When Using Fast-Braces?

As we looked at it earlier, fast-braces are safe, but they can be dangerous if they are not used properly. There has to be an accurate assessment by your orthodontist.  Then decide on whether to use fast-braces or not because they can be highly uncomfortable when correcting extreme teeth misalignment like:

  •  Teeth that are stuck in the bone.
  • Complex overcrowding of teeth.
  • TMD/TMJ disorders.

Since fast-braces do not cause discomfort, there are no side effects associated with their administration.



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Are Fast Braces Dangerous? [The Facts]



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