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Celebrity’s Orthodontic Journey #2: Tom Cruise

orthodontics for adultsOrthodontic care was exactly what Tom Cruise needed, including different types of braces

Tom Cruise burst onto the scene in the early 1980s by dancing around in his underwear. Although the world wasn’t looking at his smile at that particular point in time, his superstar status was soon catapulted into the stratosphere. With a charming smile and a handsome face, Cruise slowly became one of Hollywood‘s top names. However, his smile wasn’t perfect to begin with and slowly declined with age. Orthodontic care was exactly what he needed, including different types of braces.

It’s Never too Late

Tom Cruise wasn’t your typical movie star. In fact, his orthodontic journey didn’t truly start until he was in his 40s. His smile in his 20s and 30s was slightly off-center, but it added a bit of mischief to his look. As he grew older, however, the teeth started to appear too severe. He decided to try braces as a middle-aged person, ensuring his million-dollar teeth would last him into his elder years.

Ceramic Brackets

Instead of metal brackets to shine off cameras and lights, Cruise chose ceramic brackets. These specialized brackets are nearly the same color as the teeth, making them much more hidden than standard braces. The wires were the typical metal type, making this part the only revealing item on his orthodontia journey. Only close-up pictures truly showed off the brackets and wires.

Timing Varies for Everyone

Not everyone noticed the braces on Cruise’s teeth. In fact, he wore them for a very short time. Teens are often given braces for two or three years because their jaws and teeth are still developing. In Cruise’s case, he only needed a slight adjustment to the teeth. He was able to have them come off as he returned to film making.

From colored braces to invisible types, every orthodontic patient has a chance to make their treatment as unique and personal as possible. Take a look at pictures taken with braces before and after. You’ll see a stark difference in your bite and teeth orientation.

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Celebrity’s Orthodontic Journey #2: Tom Cruise

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