Brushing teeth twice a day

Brushing Twice a Day is the New Mantra

Brushing teeth twice a dayWords of Wisdom No.9 – “Brush Your Teeth When You First Get Out of Bed and Before You Get Back In at Night”

Brushing your teeth properly at the prescribed number of times is a good way to keep them healthy. However, it is also important to know when to brush your teeth in different times of the day. You need to brush your teeth when you first get out of bed and before you get back in at night. This is to ensure that all the bacteria that have accumulated over the night will be removed before you face the day. If not, this can cause bad breath and the people you meet over the day will surely suffer set aside the fact that you can bring a bad image about yourself.

Brushing your teeth before you go to sleep on the other hand will help you make sure that there’s no food residue left in your mouth. These residues harbor bacteria buildup which can cause your teeth to decay while you sleep. If you don’t brush your teeth every night, then this cycle will continue as you sleep and sooner or later, you’ll be on your way for tooth extraction. As much as possible, you wanted to avoid extraction not only because it is painful but also because it could affect your overall mouth functions such as chewing, speaking, and etc.

Ignoring your teeth for too long might cause them to rot away, leading to inevitable extraction. This can also affect how you look and in fact, it may lower your self-confidence. Lowered self-esteem can also lower your chances of having a good and satisfying life.

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Brushing Twice a Day is the New Mantra

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